registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton


Apply for "registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton."

1, "Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton Application Form";
2, effective legal business registration documents;
3, supply the production / operation and quality control of basic materials;
4, organizations, departments and job responsibilities;
5, stable place of business or data processing facilities (plan);
6, the commitment to quality control of cotton (for sourcing and supplier commitment to quality control);
7, in the last year the cotton trade, there is no serious quality problems, found no harmful substances, no serious consequences for the poor record of the statement;
8, applicant quality control of the supplier's certificate;
9, the relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

specific circumstances ,pls Asked to Mr Zhao.      

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Reference translation

Application Form for Registration of Overseas

Supplier Enterprise for Import Cotton


Type of Application First-time Application         Renewal Review

 Change in Registration    Reapplication


Application Number                                

Name of Enterprise                                

Country/Region the Enterprise Located               

Contact Person                                    

Contact Tel. No.                                   

Entrust Agent                                      

Contact Tel. No.                                   


Date of Application    YearMonth/ Day






Prepared by the General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China

Name of Enterprise




Zip Code:


Legal Representative


Tel/Fax No.


Certificate No. of Previous Registration


Expiry Date for Certificate of Previous  Registration


Legal Certification of Enterprise

Issuing Authority


Registration No.


Expiry Date


Range of Business


General Information of the Overseas Supplier Enterprise

Scale of Enterprise

Annual Operation Amount of Cotton (Ton)


Annual Export Amount of Cotton to China (Ton)


Conditions of Quality Control System


Maintained List of Chinese Laws and Regulations of Cotton













Information of Major Departments of Supplier Enterprise

Name of Department

Function of Department

Number of Employees



















Conditions of the Quality Control over the Source of the Goods of    Supplier Enterprise



Name of Major Production and Processing Enterprise

Producing Area

Amount (Ton

Manner of Quality Control (Submit relevant evidence)










































Other Information



Information on Export Cotton of Supplier Enterprise to China

Year starting to export cotton


Date of Initial Export of Cotton to China


Major Sources of Supply of Cotton


Major Ports for the Shipment of Cotton


Information of the export of cotton to China in the past 2 years




Export Volume (Ton)

Value(10,000 Dollar)

Qualification rate (%)

















































Statement of Applicant

It is hereby stated that we apply for the registration of overseas supplier enterprises for import cotton, abide by the laws and regulations on entry-exit inspection and quarantine and the technical regulations.

We certify that all the application information provided is true and correct, We cooperate with AQSIQ and the bodies authorized by AQSIQ in the work of assessment, verification, administration, etc.

The attached documents include






Signature of the legal representative

Stamp of Enterprise

           Year /Month/ Day



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