Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton and answer frequently asked questions


Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton and answer frequently asked questions

1. overseas supplier enterprises of how to submit the registration application materials?
    A: According to AQSIQ Announcement No. 87 of 2008, apply for registration of companies can supply a full set of written registration materials will be delivered to the AQSIQ.
2. on the registration process consulting approach the problem?
    A: We do not receive direct application delivery business visit.
3. AQSIQ audit accepting applications for registration and documentation fees are charged?
A: AQSIQ accepting applications for registration and file review does not charge any fees.

4. site assessment by the supplier firms which unit is responsible for the organization?
    A: AQSIQ organized overseas supplier enterprises of a specific site assessment work.
5. AQSIQ site assessment for foreign enterprises, whether the charge?
    A: The on-site assessment of charge, but requires on-site assessment by examination by the company to provide the necessary transportation and other facilities. When the specific requirements in writing notice to businesses.
6 supply what companies need to have before being eligible to submit an application for registration?
    A: Cotton exports to mainland China supply companies can apply for registration. Exports to China is the supplier firms trade contracts, the seller stated in the invoice, which can be cotton growing, processing, production, warehousing companies, can also be a trading company. Application for registration of enterprises should have AQSIQ Announcement No. 87 of 2008 listed conditions.
7. AQSIQ is designated as a specialized agency of cotton supply enterprises registered agent?
    A: AQSIQ does not specify any specialized agencies as the cotton supply company registration agent. Businesses can apply for an agent or agency, and provisions should be included in the registration materials the agency documents.
8. apply for the Group's supply business, how to apply for an application?
    A: The application for supplier firms belonging to group companies, for trade facilitation, the proposed separate subsidiaries under the group registration.
9. did not apply for registration of the supplier firms, entry inspection which should provide basic factual information?
    A: The registration of the supplier firms are not the entry of goods inspection shall be in accordance with company registration documents required by the format and content, to provide all the information.
10. companies apply for registration should be prepared to supply what material?
    Answer: According to AQSIQ Announcement No. 87 of 2008 stipulates that supplier firms for registration materials generally required to submit 9:
    (a) "overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton registration application form"
    (b) valid legal business registration documents (copy)
    (c) supply the production / operation and quality control of basic materials
    (d) organizations, departments and job responsibilities
    (e) a stable place of business or data processing facilities (plan)
    (f) commitment to quality control of cotton (for sourcing and supplier commitment to quality control)
    (g) in the previous year in the cotton trade, there is no serious quality problems, found no harmful substances, no serious consequences for the poor record of the statement
    (h) for business-to-supplier of quality control methods that
    (i) China on imports of cotton inspection and quarantine laws and regulations.

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