How to apply ccc certification?


How to apply ccc certification?

ccc certification applicants need to have what conditions?

A: "Compulsory Product Certification provides that" Article XIII: "directory" in the producers, distributors and importers as the applicant, the certification bodies designated "directory" in the certification application.

Applicants may also apply for the certified agent organization to apply.

What enterprise information to be prepared to apply for certification?

A: Generally should provide the following documents:

1 applicant's documents

2 assembly diagrams, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams

3 critical components and / or materials

(4) Other documents the applicant need to explain

5. Applicant sellers, importers, it should also be submitted to the designated certification bodies and producers or importers sales and producer copy of the contract entered into by the relevant

6 The applicant commissioned to apply the "directory" product certification, the trustee should be entered into with the certification, testing, inspection and follow-up inspection and other matters of contract, the trustee shall also be submitted to the designated certification body proxies contract copy of the copy of the contract and other related;

Product-specific technical documentation required for submission can be found in the product's "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification" requirements.

Certification take?

A: According to the "mandatory product certification regulations," Article XV: the certification body responsible for receiving the applicant's application for certification, according to the certification and implementation rules, arrangements for type testing, factory inspection, sampling and other activities, to make certification decisions to the certified product certificate can be issued. The certification body under normal circumstances, the applicant shall accept the application for certification within 90 days, to make the certification decision and notify the applicant.

What certification process?

A: The applicant's application generally includes the following procedures:

(A) the certification application and acceptance;

(B) type test;

(C) of the factory;

(D) sampling;

(E) Evaluation of certification results and approval;

(Vi) to obtain certification of supervision.

How to apply?

A: The certification body according to their characteristics, for different application procedures.

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