CCC regulations for compulsory product certification


Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification

The first is to improve and standardize the work of compulsory product certification, and earnestly safeguard the state, society and the public interest, according to the national product safety and quality licensing, product quality and certification laws and regulations and the State Council to give Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Certification and Accreditation Regulatory functions of the Commission, the enactment of this provision.

Article 2 The State of the involving human health and safety, animal and plant life and health, environmental protection and public safety products compulsory certification system.

Article according to the State Department authorization, Certification and Accreditation Administration of the national director of certification and accreditation work.

Article published national compulsory product certification unified "People's Republic of compulsory product certification catalog" (hereinafter referred to as "directory"), to determine the uniform application of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, to develop and publish uniform signs, to establish uniform fees.

Article V where the inclusion of "catalog" of products must be approved by the certification bodies designated by the State qualified to obtain the specified certificate issued by certification bodies, and certification mark, before the factory sales, import and use in business activities .

Chapter organization and management of compulsory product certification

The State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine under the relevant state laws and regulations, the national compulsory product certification rules and regulations; approval released "directory."

Article 7 The State Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee is responsible for the national compulsory product certification system of management and organization of implementation, perform the following duties:

(A) certification and accreditation of national supervision and administration, coordinate the certification and accreditation of major issues;

(B) prepare, adjust and with the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued a "directory";

(Iii) develop and publish "directory" in the product certification and implementation rules;

(D) to determine the "directory" in the certification application authentication mode;

(E) to establish and publish certification mark;

(F) requires certification of the style and format;

(G) the certification body and testing organizations for their service, commitment to mandatory product certification inspection bodies and certification activities in the testing, inspection;

(Viii) announced the certification body and its services, the designated test institution, check the list of institutions and their scope of work;

(I) public access to the certified list of products and enterprises;

(J) approval of special purpose products from mandatory certification matters;

(K) to guide local quality inspection administration of compulsory product certification violations investigation work;

(L) accepting the compulsory product certification complaints and appeals, investigating and punishing violations of major certification;

(XIII) to guide the work of dealing with mandatory product certification of major issues.

Article local quality inspection administration responsible for performing the following duties:

(A) in accordance with statutory duties under the jurisdiction of regional "directory" in the product implementation supervision;

(Ii) investigate violations of compulsory product certification.

Article IX of the duties of the certification body:

(A) within the specified scope of work in accordance with product certification and implementation rules to carry out certification work;

(B) of the certified products, issuance of the certificates;

(C) of the certified product to track inspection;

(D) accept the certification of complaints and appeals;

(E) according to suspension, cancellation and revocation of certification.

Chapter III of the implementation of compulsory product certification system

Article "directory" in the certification applies to the following single authentication mode or a combination of several authentication modes, including:

(A) design appraisal;

(B) type test;

(C) generating an on-site sample testing or inspection;

(D) market sampling and testing or inspection;

(E) quality assurance system audits;

(F) certified follow-up examination.

Product certification model based on product performance, human health, the environment and public safety and other aspects of possible hazards, product life-cycle features a combination of factors, according to science, the principles of convenience to be determined.

Specific product certification model in the certification and implementation rules in the regulations.

Article XI "directory" in the product certification and implementation rules include the following basic elements:

(A) the applicable range of products;

(B) applies the corresponding national standards and technical regulations;

(C) the authentication mode and the corresponding product categories and standards;

(D) the unit of application of rules or regulations;

(E) sampling and sample delivery requirements;

(F) confirmation of the key components required (as required);

(G) testing standards and testing rules and other related requirements;

(Viii) review of plant specific requirements (as required);

(I) the specific requirements of follow-up inspection;

(X) the applicable product certification mark of the specific requirements;

(11) Other provisions.

Article XII of "directory" in the product certification of all or part of the program include the following aspects:

(A) the certification application and acceptance;

(B) type test;

(C) of the factory;

(D) sampling;

(E) Evaluation of certification results and approval;

(Vi) to obtain certification of supervision.

Article XIII of the "directory" producers, sellers and importers as the applicant, the certification bodies designated "directory" in the certification application.

Article XIV applicants "directory" in the certification shall be subject to the following provisions:

(A) in accordance with the "directory" product certification implementation rules, submit to the designated certification body certified the application, the necessary technical documents and samples;

(B) the applicant for the sellers, importers, it should also be submitted to the designated certification bodies and producers or importers of sales and related copy of the contract entered into by producers;

(C) the applicant has appointed another person to apply the "directory" product certification, the trustee should be entered into with the certification, testing, inspection and follow-up inspection matters of contract, the trustee shall also be submitted to the designated certification body proxies contract a copy of the copy of the contract and other related;

(D) pay the costs of certification in accordance with state regulations.

Article XV specifies the applicant certification body is responsible for receiving applications for accreditation, according to the certification and implementation rules, arrangements for type testing, factory inspection, sampling and other activities, to make certification decisions, to the certified product certificate can be issued.

The certification body under normal circumstances, the applicant shall accept the application for certification within 90 days, to make the certification decision and notify the applicant.

Article XVI certification is to prove that "directory" in the product meets the certification requirements and permission to use the certification mark of the documents.

Certification includes the following basic elements:

(A) the applicant;

(B) the product name, model or series name;

(C) producers, production or processing plant (field) required;

(D) certification model;

(E) certification based on standards and technical regulations;

(F) the date of issue and expiry;

(G) the issuing agency.

Article XVII certification mark of the name "China Compulsory Certification" (English name "ChinaCompulsoryCertification", the English abbreviation for "CCC", also referred to as "3C" sign.) Certification mark is a "directory" in the product to allow its factory sale, importation and use of certification mark.

Certificate holders shall be managed in accordance with the requirements of the certification mark use of certification marks.

Article 18 The certification body shall specify the specific product certification and implementation rules, issuance of the certificates of their products and their manufacturing plant (site) to track inspection.

Article 19 The designated certification body for the following circumstances, shall cancel the certificate:

(A) "directory" in the certification application of national standards, technical regulations or certification and implementing rules changes, the certificate holder does not meet the requirements of such changes;

(B) the certificate over the validity of the certificate holder did not apply for extension of use;

(C) certified products are no longer produced;

(D) the holder of the certificate application for cancellation.

Diershitiao designated certification body for the following circumstances shall be ordered to temporarily stop using the certificate:

(A) the certificate holder fails to require the use of the certificate and certification mark;

(B) violation of the certificate holders "directory" in the implementation of certification rules and specific certification requirements;

(C) monitoring results show that the product does not meet the "directory" in the product certification implementation rule requirements, but do not need to immediately revoke the certificate.

Article a designated certification body for the following circumstances, shall revoke the certificate:

(A) During the suspension period of use, the certificate holder fails to take corrective measures;

(B) monitoring results show that product has serious defects;

(C) certified product because of serious defects led to major quality accidents.

Article 22 of the applicant and certificate holder of the certification bodies designated objection to the decision, you can make the certification decision to the certification body complaints, appeals, the results of the certification bodies still disputed, and can be certified to the state Accreditation Administration of the Commission.

Chapter IV Supervision and Administration of compulsory product certification

Article 23 The designated certification bodies and provide services to the designated test institution, inspection bodies shall observe the following rules:

(A) accept the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the supervision and management;

(B) product quality certification in accordance with national laws, regulations, implemented within the specified "directory" in the product certification, testing and inspection;

(C) certification to ensure the accuracy of the results, bear the corresponding legal responsibility;

(D) on a regular basis to the State Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee submitted to the "directory" in the product certification information;

(E) the conservative trade secrets of certified products and technology secrets, not illegal possession of scientific and technological achievements;

(Vi) without authorization, shall not be transferable to other certification bodies the right to accept certification, certification decision, the right testing and inspection rights;

(G) shall not engage in certification within the purview of the consulting and product development;

(H) are not allowed to sign with other agencies or organizations, bilateral or multilateral mutual recognition "directory" in the product certification, testing and test results of the agreement;

(I) an agreement mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall not be issued in accordance with "directory" in the product certification;

(X) with the local quality inspection administration of quality certification in violation of laws, regulations and rules of conduct investigative work;

(K) to establish a "directory" in the product certification complaints, complaints system, within the specified range of fair dealing "directory" in the certification of the controversy.

Article 24 was "directory" in the certification of producers, sellers, importers should observe the following rules:

(A) guarantees the necessary conditions for the implementation of certification;

(B) ensure that certified products meet relevant national standards and technical regulations;

(C) ensure that sales, imports of "catalog" of products in order to obtain certification of products;

(D) In ​​accordance with the provisions of the certified product certification mark;

(E) not to use the certificate and certification mark to mislead consumers;

(F) shall not transfer, trade certificate and certification mark or part of the show, part of the copy certificate.

(G) to accept local quality inspection administration and the supervision and inspection by the certification body or follow-up examination.

Chapter V Penalty

Article 25 The "directory" in the product, failure to implement the certification requirement and may be fined 30,000 yuan, a time limit for certification.

Article 26, "directory" of the products got the certificate, according to the specified use the certification mark, shall order rectification; fails to do so and may be 10,000 RMB.

Article 27 forgery, fraudulent use of certification, certification marks, and other violations of national safety and quality of the product license, product quality and certification laws and regulations of the act, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be punished.

Article 28 The designated certification bodies and provide services to the designated test institution false certification and inspection bodies, or forged documents, according to assume corresponding responsibilities.

Article 29 The provisions of this chapter of administrative punishment by the local quality inspection administration according to the state General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine procedures for handling administrative cases, the relevant provisions of the implementation.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

Article 30 The provisions of the certification and implementing rules, certification marks and other specific management system by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee separately.

Article 31 The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Certification and Accreditation Administration authorized the Commission to interpret.

Article 32 These Provisions May 1, 2002 shall come into force.


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