ccc compulsory product certification system FAQ


ccc compulsory product certification system FAQ

1. What is a compulsory product certification system?

Compulsory product certification system, for governments to protect consumers and animal and plant life, personal safety, environmental protection, protection of national security, in accordance with laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system, which requires products to meet national standards and technical regulations . Compulsory product certification, product certification is through the development of mandatory product catalog and mandatory product certification procedures, the inclusion of "directory" in the implementation of mandatory testing and product review. Where the inclusion of mandatory product certification directory of products, there is no designated certification bodies to obtain the certificate, without the required certification mark are not allowed to import, not the factory sales and service establishments in the business use.
Compulsory product certification system in the promotion of national technical regulations and standards implementation, standardize the market economic order, crack down on fake and shoddy behavior, and promote product quality management and consumer protection, etc., has an irreplaceable role in other work and benefits . Certification system because of its scientific and fairness, has been widely adopted by most countries in the world. Market economy system, governments use compulsory product certification system as a means of market access, is becoming accepted international practice.

2. Why did China establish a new compulsory product certification system?

For a long time, China's compulsory product certification system there are too many political, repeated assessment, repeat fees and certification, regardless of behavior and law enforcement issues. Especially prominent is the country's products and imports the existence of internal and external sets of management system certification. Former State Quality and Technical Supervision of domestic products and some imported goods and the implementation of mandatory supervision and management of security certification, the former Exit Inspection and Quarantine of imported commodities imported goods safety and quality licensing system. These two systems will be part of the imports included in the mandatory certification of common areas, resulting from two departments of the same imported products certified twice, posted two signs one of two standards and procedures. With China's accession to WTO, under the WTO agreements and international rules, China is required to unify the two kinds of certification system, the implementation of compulsory product certification system, "four unifications", that is, uniform catalog, uniform standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures , unified certification mark, standardized charges. Meanwhile, to improve and standardize China's compulsory product certification system for solving the government than many, behavior and law enforcement certification is not the issue of separation, so as to meet the needs of China's market economy, better economic and trade development. 2001 new AQSIQ and CNCA, the establishment of a new national compulsory product certification system.

3. The new compulsory product certification system when released?

The new compulsory product certification system on December 3, 2001 before China's accession to the WTO officially announced.

4. China's compulsory product certification system to establish the legal basis for that?

China's new compulsory product certification system, is based on "Product Quality Law," "Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law", "Republic of China Standardization Law," "Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law Enforcement Regulations "," Product Quality Certification Management Regulations "and other laws and regulations established.

5. State compulsory product certification system management system is like?

Certification and Accreditation Administration of the State Council authorized the work responsible for the national compulsory product certification bodies, compulsory product certification system in the establishment and implementation of the main functions are: development, adjust the "compulsory product certification directory" with the State Administration of Quality Administration jointly released; develop and publish "directory" in the product certification and implementation rules; develop and publish the certification mark to determine the mandatory product certification requirements; take certification tasks designated certification bodies, inspection bodies and inspection bodies; guide local quality inspection agencies to investigate violations of compulsory product certification, etc.
Mandatory product certification by the certification bodies designated by CNCA responsible for the accreditation of the specific implementation, and certification for results; local quality inspection departments included in the mandatory certification of products within the product catalog supervision; producers, sellers, and business service establishments, importers and users of the production, sale, importation, use of the product is responsible for; CNCA designated authority responsible for issuing sign grant compulsory certification mark.

6. China's implementation of the new compulsory product certification system before any related system?

China in 1978 to restore the status of a member of the International Organization for Standardization, the international standards established in accordance with the China Compulsory Product Certification System, and related work carried out: the implementation of domestic products of 107 kinds of product safety certification; of 104 kinds of imported commodities safety and quality of imported goods licensing system, which involves more than 60 countries and regions. The product certification system to improve the level and quality of our products in the international market competitiveness and safeguarding national economic interests, economic security, environmental protection has played a positive role.

7. The new compulsory product certification system What are the characteristics?

The new compulsory product certification system, has the following characteristics: a unified directory published by the State to determine the uniform use of national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, development of a unified logo, to establish uniform fees. Included in the directory where the product must be approved by the certification bodies designated by the State qualified to obtain the relevant certificate and certification mark, to the factory, import, sales and service establishments in the business use.

8. Compulsory Certification mark that?

The new national compulsory product certification mark name "China Compulsory Certification" (China Compulsory Certification), the English abbreviation for "CCC", also referred to as "CCC" mark.

9. What products are included in the first compulsory product certification directory?

AQSIQ and CNCA published the first batch of compulsory product certification directory, the original safety and quality licensing system for imports of products and safety supervision and management of mandatory certification of products as the basis of a small amount of adjustment . Directory of safety, EMC, environmental requirements, including 19 categories, 132 kinds of products.

10. What are the institutions to assume the implementation of compulsory product certification?

To ensure that the new compulsory product certification system in the smooth implementation of the national commission has designated nine certification bodies and testing organizations take 69 mandatory product certification of the first certification and testing.
Specified list of mandatory product certification bodies
No. Name of designated products Address
1 China Quality Certification Center
CNCA-01C-001: Cable assembly;
CNCA-01C-002: Cable;
CNCA-01C-003: plug and socket for household and similar purposes;
CNCA-01C-004: household and similar fixed electrical installations in the switch;
CNCA-01C-005: Industrial plug and socket and coupler;
CNCA-01C-006: Appliance couplers for household and similar devices;
CNCA-01C-007: Thermal fuse;
CNCA-01C-008: household and similar fixed electrical installations Enclosures;
CNCA-01C-009: small fuse cartridge fuse-links;
CNCA-01C-010: Low-voltage switchgear;
CNCA-01C-011: Switching and control equipment;
CNCA-01C-012: Installation Protective Equipment;
CNCA-01C-013: low-power motor;
CNCA-01C-014: power tools;
CNCA-01C-015: welding;
CNCA-01C-016: Household and similar equipment;
CNCA-01C-017: audio and video equipment;
CNCA-01C-020: information technology equipment;
CNCA-01C-022: Lighting
CNCA-02C-023: Automotive
CNCA-02C-024: Motorcycles
CNCA-02C-025: Motorcycle Engine
CNCA-03C-027: Tire Products
CNCA-04C-028: safety glass products
CNCA-07C-031: telecommunications terminal equipment;
CNCA-08C-032: ECG
CNCA-08C-033: hemodialysis unit
CNCA-08C-034: blood purification device bypass pipe
CNCA-08C-035: Hollow fiber dialyzer
CNCA-08C-036: implantable pacemakers
CNCA-08C-037: Medical X-ray diagnostic equipment
CNCA-08C-038: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Roller pump blood
CNCA-08C-039: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Roller throb pump
CNCA-08C-040: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Bubble Oxygenator
CNCA-08C-041: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Heat Exchanger
CNCA-08C-042: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine Heat exchanging water tank
CNCA-08C-043: Artificial Heart-Lung Machine silicon rubber pipe
CNCA-10C-047: Intrusion detectors

2 China Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Center
CNCA-01C-014: power tools;
CNCA-01C-016: Household and similar equipment;
CNCA-01C-017: audio and video equipment;
CNCA-01C-018: sound and television signals in the cable distribution system equipment and components (EMC);
CNCA-01C-019: Satellite television receivers (EMC);
CNCA-01C-020: information technology equipment;
CNCA-01C-021: Finance and trade settlement equipment (EMC);
CNCA-01C-022: Lighting;
CNCA-01C-031: Telecommunications Terminal Equipment

3 China Security Technology Certification Center
CNCA-10C-047: Intrusion detectors

4 China Agricultural Product Quality Certification Center
CNCA-05C-029: Plant Protection Machinery Knapsack Sprayer Duster (device)
5 China Safety Glass Certification Center
CNCA-04C-028: safety glass products

6 China Certification Committee for Certification Center Tire
CNCA-03C-027: Tire Products

7 China Certification Committee for Quality Latex
CNCA-06C-030: Rubber condoms

8 Product Conformity Assessment Centre, Ministry of Public Security Fire
CNCA-09C-044: Fire Alarm Equipment
CNCA-09C-045: Fire Hose
CNCA-09C-046: Sprinkler Equipment

9 China Automotive Certification Center
CNCA-02C-026: Seat Belt Product


11. New compulsory product certification system and how the existing system is the transition?

The new system since May 1, 2002 into effect, May 1, 2003 from enforcement. By then, the old system abolished.
Since May 1, 2003, all "directory" of products to be mandatory product certification, and the compulsory product certification mark, before leaving the factory, import, sale and use in business activities.
Since May 1, 2003, the distributors, importers shall not purchase, import and sales without the new certificate and not be applied on the new logo of the "catalog" of products. April 30, 2003 has been purchased, but not yet sold imported goods have been imported and CCIB safety and quality mark license or safety certificate and certification mark of the Great Wall, "catalog" of products, should be filed in the local quality inspection departments , only under the supervision of the quality inspection departments continue to sell.
Since May 1, 2003 onwards, to obtain a new certificate and new products if you continue to use the logo printed on the packaging of the old logo, new signs must be applied before the factory, importation, sale.
Original certificate shall be old and old symbol of the "catalog" of products, May 1, 2002 to April 30, 2003, must hold a CCEE, CCIB, CCC A three kinds of certificates; new applications for certification of products, can be by CCIB, CCEE certification rules for certification, according to new rules. By the old rules, certificate ended April 30, 2003; hold CCEE, CCIB, CCC can be any of three kinds of certificates of purchase and use of CCC certification mark.
Since May 1, 2002, the original certificate shall be old and the old logo products are not included in the "directory", the original certificate and must get the old logo is no longer its old factory, import, sale conditions .

12. What countries have issued compulsory product certification system on the file?

Mandatory product certification of management and implementation of the main document "Regulations for Compulsory Product Certification", "Compulsory Certification Mark", "the first mandatory product certification of the product catalog", "Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules "(47)," Compulsory Certification Fees "and" compulsory product certification system implementation arrangements of the relevant provisions of the "other.

13. Why is mandatory product certification with international standards?

Four unified achieve equal treatment of domestic and foreign enterprises, following the WTO / TBT National Treatment principle.
Mandatory product certification certificate in accordance with international accepted standards, the establishment and operation of the certification system, certification / testing / inspection agencies to implement the operation and certification rules and procedures are to follow ISO / IEC relevant international guidelines and standards.

14. Mandatory product certification are to charge?

Mandatory product certification of charges by the State Planning Commission to develop a unified. A flat fee by the certification body, certification body shall inform the applicant to pay the costs, amount and bank account. Certification costs will not be certified applicants chose a different certification bodies and cause any differences.
May 1, 2002 accepted applications for accreditation, according to the old fee standards. After 1 May 2002, accepted the application fee under the new standards.

15. Compulsory product certification system authentication model?

Mandatory product certification model, based on product performance, human health, the environment and public safety and other aspects of possible hazards, product life-cycle features a combination of factors, according to science, the principles of convenience to be determined. Mandatory product certification applies to the following single authentication mode or a combination of several authentication modes, including: the design appraisal; type test; manufacturing site sample testing or inspection; market sampling and testing or inspection; enterprise quality assurance system audits; certified follow-up follow-up inspection.

16. The basic compulsory product certification program have?

New mandatory product certification of the basic process is essentially: Certification Application and Acceptance; sample test; Initial factory inspection; Evaluation of certification results and approval; certified after supervision.

17. Export products have to be mandatory certification?

According to the contract for foreign trade and special processing for export products, can not apply for the mandatory certification, but not the export of surplus product must be approved by CCC certification before entering the market.
According to agreements with foreign governments, must be approved by CCC certified products, such as motorcycles and other products exports to Vietnam to apply for compulsory certification.

18. Machine used in the "directory" to components must have a CCC mark?

If the machine is "catalog" of products on the machine used in the "directory" can not separate the components within the application for CCC, but these components must be detected with the machine. To shorten the certification period, reducing the whole business, the pressure of the importer, the state encouraged "directory" certification within the separate components; if a non-machine "catalog" of products, including components used to apply for certification and testing is not required. But for individual import, sales of "directory" in part, must obtain certification.

19 mandatory product certification and implementation rules specified in the parts with the whole detection, recognition of voluntary certification could result?

Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification to be provided in the test with the machine parts, subject to the following conditions are the result of a voluntary product certification, product certification be mandatory recognition, from a separate test.
1. The state commission approved the establishment, and by the China National Accreditation Board (CNAB) accredited certification body according to the same authentication mode with the whole issue of voluntary product certification certificate.
2. Certified test results bear on the national commission designated the task of compulsory product certification issued by a recognized testing organization within the test report.
3. Corresponding parts of the testing standards and certification mandatory product certification and implementation rules in corresponds to the standard must be consistent.
Certification body should be the qualification material, the scope and certification rules for issuing the audit commission report approval.

20. Certification and implementation rules are listed in the safety critical components, whether a separate application for certification? What are the relevant supporting policies?

Certification and implementation rules are listed in the safety critical parts, there are two cases: one is a mandatory product certification directory of parts, parts of this case to encourage a separate application for CCC, the whole application can remove the part of the test However, components imported separately, sales must be certified separately; another is not a mandatory product certification directory components, encourage access to accredited certification bodies CNCA Voluntary Product Certification, the same machine can be exempted from the application parts of the test. Components separately certified, can shorten the certification period, and reduces the whole cost of certification.

21. CB certificate holders to apply the principle of compulsory product certification is recognized?

IECEE-CB China is a member of the organization, IEC China National Committee on behalf of China has promised the Chinese government implemented a mandatory conformity assessment activities, membership organization recognized by IECEE-CB standards issued by China's accession to the CB certificate directory ( limit safety standards, EMC excluded).

22. CB certificate of authorized agencies What are the requirements?

Certification body shall maintain and be familiar with IECEE relevant documents, rules, and IEC national committees or NCB China to keep in touch with sources of information flow, track IECEE-CMC, CTL resolution of the conference, to understand the action IECEE-CB system, member institutions and members of the organization nature, such as certification or approval NCB NCB, NCB issuing the certification range, IEC standard and GB standard differences. The certification body should have the ability to specify the person responsible for the CB certificate recognition. Accreditation CB's ability to qualify to be reported by the national commission and IEC China National Committee for confirmation.

23. CB certificate recognized by the basic principles?

1. Compulsory Certification is only recognized by China's accession to the standard IECEE-CB system directory of CB certificates.
2. CB certificate recognized by the certification body to retain verification of the prototype and the differences to make them the right to national standards (CB report with national standards even if differences in test content).
3. CB certificate should be valid, the specific judge as follows:
(1) with the corresponding CB report.
(2) IECEE-CB CB certificate issued within the system have full member status within the capacity of its certificates and reports issued by the CB, and the standard must be present in China (NCB) within the approved standard.
(3) that issued the certificate based on the standards should not be less than our current version of the standard IEC standards.
(4) CB certificate has more than three years, NCB should be questioned.
(5) CB Certificate and CB report appears "ROC" (Republic of) words are not recognized.
4.CB key pieces of the report be approved in principle, but should verify the information reported in parts and certified to meet the standard information, and verification of the applicability of component selection, retaining the right to review.
5.CB CB report and certificate of product models, specifications, manufacturers and manufacturers must apply for a mandatory product certification of the product model, specifications, manufacturers, factories consistent (or cover), any one of these inconsistencies, the not be recognized.
6.CB certificate applicant and the applicant to apply the principle of compulsory product certification should be the same. If two applicants is inconsistent, the mandatory product certification of the applicant should provide CB certificate holder (applicant) power of attorney, power of attorney authorization statement should include at least two sides responsibilities.
7.CB report is based on the standard version of the content, should be able to cover our current national standards. Otherwise, the standard deviation for China should be tested additionally appropriate content requirements.

24. CB certificate of recognition unit, sending samples and test

1 apply the principle of division of cells by CB certificate on the cover of the model is divided, but if the division is obviously unreasonable, and the 3C certification and implementing rules is not the same, then the unit uses the principle of 3C certification. Same model, only the manufacturer is not the same, should be divided into different application units.
2. Where an application for a certificate of CB products, in principle, a prototype should be sent for verification. CB Certificate for the same coverage as a series of machines, you need to provide a representative prototype.
3 CB certificate of the application of the product must be based on the relevant provisions of China's current standards, do make the difference test; when certain provisions of the conclusion of CB in doubt, tests should be supplemented accordingly.
4 CB report check list of safety components listed in the safety and prototype parts, such as parameters and model do not match, as the case requires to send samples to test components, serious discrepancies can not be recognized CB report.
5.CB report safety components of the machine only with the approval of this certificate shall not borrow other than to the CB report models of machines.

25. Has been the quality management system certification of enterprises are exempt from mandatory product certification of the factory?

Can not be completely exempt. Mandatory product certification of the factory consists of two parts, namely, review and quality assurance review of the consistency of the product, including the production process control, inspection, key components and so on. Of the commission have been issued by accredited certification bodies of quality management system certification of enterprises in the validity of the certificate may be exempt from the review of the quality management system elements.

26 mandatory product certification facility is what the factory?

Mandatory product certification of the factory defined and internationally accepted definition of the same means: the final assembly of the certified products and / or testing and certification mark of the place.

27. How to draw the mandatory product certification facility, that is, its delineation of principles?

1. The same product categories;
(2) the same test standard series;
3 the same or similar product safety / EMC critical production process;
4 factories to meet the definition of compulsory product certification;
5 could be considered special circumstances.
Meet the above conditions can be designated as a factory.

28 mandatory product certification typical processing plant

1.OEM Factory: The plant is only a processing plant, different applicants / manufacturers use OEM factory, according to the manufacturer's design and production process control and inspection requirements, the OEM factory to produce under the system, using different manufacturer's trademark, the applicant should be different as different plant management system elements do not repeat the review, but the production process control and inspection, review of the consistency of the product can not be waived.
2.ODM Factory: The different applicants / manufacturers use the same design, quality system and production process control and inspection requirements for the production, use of different manufacturer's trademark. This document examination and verification by the certification body, you can remove the factory inspection. (In production conditions under the same conditions, the same type of product structure, only a different brand or product type, examination and verification by file may be exempted from type test.)
3 present a similar assembly of mobile phone products production: the assembly of CKD or SKD form of spare parts production, assembly after some testing, assembling the content may be cellar, but the label and certification mark, plate production for the plant origin, the force product certification should be the assembly plant factory, but should strictly review the plant's control of the supply-side requirements.
4 to produce the A, B and paste the logo to replace the plug: in the A to the production and testing, but to enter the Chinese market, China to meet the requirements, another convenient site B (may be shop, service station, warehouse etc.) the replacement of the plug-and-paste mark, the plant should be compulsory product certification for the A plant, but should review the B Plant A plant control, if necessary, arrange a special visit to B plant.
5. Ⅲ type electrical plant: The plant produces only class Ⅲ Ⅲ class electrical products electrical products, purchased power adapter, electrical plants in the test class Ⅲ, packing, factory, factory management is positioned as the plant. The certification body should strictly examine the plant side of the power adapter for the control, if necessary, for without the power adapter unit certified for special arrangements before the visit.
6 machine in the A plant, installed in the B Factory is only one card and software, the factory should be mandatory product certification for Plant A Plant B response to exercise control of operations, production sites and factories should be A review of the target plant.

29 mandatory product certification testing the feasibility of using plant resources for testing?

To enable the smooth implementation of compulsory product certification, shortened cycle of compulsory product certification testing and certification cycle, for some specific cases, the factory's own inspection resources can be used for sample testing. Factory testing resources is the application of compulsory product certification manufacturer or the manufacturer's 100% own resources, and is located near the plant.

30. Apply to the use of plant resources, the extent to which test?

1 sample size large, high transport costs, transportation difficulties;
(2) seasonal products, short production cycle;
3 is only a mass, no longer manufactured products;
(4) Other special circumstances.

31. The way the use of factory testing resources are there?

According to the factory laboratory equipment resources, human resources and the consolidation of the soft resources, combined with product characteristics, the use of plant resources for sample test detected divided into the following two ways:
1 factory witness testing methods (referred to as WMT)
Testing by the certification body shall have qualified factory test equipment for testing, certification body for the plant's testing program submitted to the certification agencies were designated test lab engineer on the part of the project and witnessed the testing conditions, test personnel responsible for issuing the original records, and with engineers witnessed the drafting of the required inspection report form, issued by the relevant examination and approval of the laboratory test report.
(2) the use of plant equipment inspection methods (referred to as TMP)
Testing by the certification body designated testing organization to send engineers to use the factory test equipment for testing, factory inspection staff should be sent to assist, the test report issued by the designated laboratory.

32. The use of plant resources, plant testing laboratories need to have what conditions?

Only certification bodies and testing organizations audit assessed the following plant laboratory conditions before testing the use of plant resources for sample test:
1.WMT way
(1) meet the requirements of ISO/IEC17025 standard, covering WMT recognized testing standards and projects.
(2) principal inspector should be familiar with the product structure, testing standards, with a certain degree of experience in testing. In principle, there should be more than 2 years of the same product standards testing experience.
2.TMP way
Chapter 5 ISO/IEC17025 standards to meet the technical competency requirements.
Certification body according to the specific product characteristics, may make additional requirements.

33 factory laboratory testing to mandatory product certification qualifications?

Individual cases, the applicant shall apply for certification, according to the above conditions for self-examination, the self-examination results and related information submitted with the application for certification review. Certification bodies and testing organizations should organize appropriate technical experts on-site verification, and save the corresponding audit assessment records. Qualified for evaluation before the use of plant resources for laboratory testing.
The certification body shall promptly assess qualified factory laboratory reported the commission for the record. Under normal circumstances, the applicant may also apply to the CNAL.

34 certification bodies, testing organizations test the use of plant resources for mandatory product certification testing of the samples bear any responsibility?

Use of plant resources for sample detection test is not exempt, reduce or transfer "for compulsory product certification requirements" set forth in the designated test institution, the certification body should test results, certified the results of responsibility. Designated testing agencies to test reports and test results of samples full responsibility.
Test report should indicate the use of factory laboratory resources.

35. The use of plant resources for mandatory product certification testing testing what charges? How standard is required?

WMT testing fee and TMP has been reported to the State Planning Commission in accordance with the record of "mandatory product certification standards for product testing costs," 50% of the charge. Other items, such as laboratory capacity review, site inspection of the working hours of the charges refer to "CNAL recognized charges" in the standard factory inspection fee charged. WMT and TMP-site inspection fees and testing costs can not exceed the working hours of sending samples of similar products detect the full cost of the fees charged by the relevant inspection body.

36 samples failed the disposal of the principles of the type test examination failed to determine the plant and disposal of the basic principles of what?

1 sample type test failed disposal principles are:
Type tests fail or do not meet, allowing for the sample, until qualified. Repeat testing fees according to the actual test items for the collection, bin type test report should in principle be done for a sample.
2 review failed to determine the plant and disposal of principles:
(1) factory conclusions of the review is divided into the following three kinds:
① all-conformity or a small amount of minor non-conformity, and the site has been scored and confirmed by the review team, review by the factory.
② more minor non-conformity, but the consistency of the product has not yet caused serious effects, within the prescribed period after the rectification and confirmed by the review group, factory inspection, to be adopted.
③ have more minor non-conformity does not constitute a system does not meet, or individual serious non-conformities, and directly endanger the consistency of the product, the review does not pass.
(2) minor non-conformity and the definition of serious non-conformity.
Minor non-conformity: may be product safety, electromagnetic compatibility have a slight impact on the quality of the class does not meet the entry.
Serious non-conformities: the product or production quality links have serious safety, electromagnetic compatibility aspects of quality or a quality issue, it may result in product safety, electromagnetic compatibility class quality have hidden non-conformities.
Product and process control products for review to determine, as one of the following circumstances occur, in principle, ruled serious non-conformities:
① key parts inconsistent with the type test and certification bodies to change without consent.
② failure to implement rules in a routine test, verification test to test.
③ sampling failed.

37 Applicants are free to choose the certification body for certification apply?

CNCA has designated nine certification bodies specific commitment to the first directory of products compulsory certification tasks, and business agencies were specified. Applicant under the appropriate product category to the designated certification body for. For the existence of cross-business product, companies can choose the certification body.

38 similar products in the same business at the same time to apply for certification when the two certification bodies, factory inspection, a review of activities can achieve the results shared?

In response, the commission's review of the principles is not repeated, no recurring charges. Between the certification body should have arrangements for mutual recognition of test results. Meanwhile, we hope to avoid similar products company two certification bodies to apply for certification to happen, to avoid the complicated certification process.

39.CCC certification is recognition of other certification bodies outside / test results?

According to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the certification / is based on mutual recognition of test results among government agencies or government recognition of bilateral or multilateral agreements based. China has always advocated on the basis of equality and mutual recognition of certification / inspection results, to avoid duplication of testing, repeated authentication, eliminating technical barriers to trade. Such as the Chinese National Committee of IEC is the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC product safety certification organization member of IECEE CB system, the recognition of China's compulsory product certification system for member organizations issued by the IECEE CB CB Certificate and Report (in our commitment to the standard range).

40 mandatory product certification consulting agency whether the applicant is still registered for the record?

Yes. CCC certification system of rules to ensure that action to facilitate enterprises to apply for certification, AQSIQ and CNCA has developed and published a related approach, the management agent to register applicants

41. May 1, 2002 - 2003 between April 30 to apply for certification CCC certification rules apply to what?

1.2002 on May 1, issued by the certification body shall not be the old certificate.
2. "The first mandatory product certification catalog" on the original safety and quality of imported goods required to obtain license and CCEE certification of products (hereinafter referred to as "old products"), you can follow the original rules applicable to the technical requirements for certification apply for CCC certification, the certification is valid until April 30, 2003. May 1, 2003, the relevant products must meet the technical requirements of the new rules before they continue to maintain certification, use the CCC mark.
3 has been safety and quality of imported goods license, CCEE certification of the old product, during the CCC certification renewal application must comply with new rules.

42 According to the commission in 2001 Notice No. 2 on the Great Wall has been CCIB mark and logo in April 30, 2003 purchase of goods not yet sold out, should the local quality inspection departments for the record, what principles and procedures ?

At that time the owner of goods shall be the filing of the following principles:
1. CCIB mark on the product have been to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments for the record
(2) of the Great Wall have been marked products to the local provincial quality and technical supervision departments for the record
3 In principle, should be taken in the way of sales to record, respectively.
4.2003 imported in April 30, purchased the factory of unsold products held by the temporary certificate of CCC, also in the local quality inspection departments for the record, only under the supervision of the quality inspection departments continue to sell.

43.2002 in May 1 April 30 - 2003, between the old and new how to use and apply the certification mark?

Since May 1, 2002 onwards, any organizations do not in any way release CCIB and Great Wall certification mark logo. The applicant has purchased the original certification mark, in the April 30, 2003 may continue to use.
The new certificate holder or CCIB, the Great Wall certification mark has been used to obtain the old certificate holders need to continue to purchase signs, the certificate holder the CCC should be a valid certificate or permit for safety and quality of imported goods, the Great Wall Certificate issued to the national CCC certification mark application management center CCC certification mark.

44 for safety and quality of imported goods has received license, the Great Wall of product certification, CCC certification applications for conversion, whether for inspection of the factory?

Replacement, the principle of the plant to review the quality assurance abilities of the factory part of the review should be arranged next to the supervision of the plant.

45 For the CCIB, the use of the Great Wall logo printed on their own way of using molding and other products, the possibility of extending the transition period using the old logo?

Certificate holders in the April 30, 2003 to ensure that from 1 May 2003 from the factory's product CCC mark. But for the April 30, 2003 have been imported, but completion of the sale of products purchased, you can continue to carry the original sign, subject to the approval of the local quality inspection departments for the record.

46. ​​During the transition period, the same product on the packaging or the same can also show the old and new certification mark?

Certified products have been approved by CCC, CCC mark must be applied, can not show the old logo. For the transition period the old logo printed on the packaging material, can continue to use, but encourage the use of CCC mark over the old logo, but after a transitional period to be covered by the old signs with new signs (including transition of products into the market before the end of ).

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