Registration test review on the health food examine the issue of notice


Registration test review on the health food examine the issue of notice
Food and Drug Administration Office of Xu [2011] No. 85
June 13, 2011 release

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Food and Drug Administration (Drug Administration), the unit:

"Health food inspection and review of registration test management approach" and "health food registration test review test specifications" has been issued, is the implementation of the relevant issues as follows:

First, the State Food and Drug Administration a new selection of health food inspection agency before the release of registration, inspection and review of health food registration test work is still clearly the original health food inspection agencies. Notice of acceptance testing, inspection reports and other documents relating to inspection agency registration number of the columns temporarily empty. Toxicological safety testing and functional requirements of learning animal testing temporarily registered in the same inspection agency.

Second, to ensure a smooth and orderly work, the provincial food and drug administration should be from July 1, 2011 onwards, in strict accordance with requirements to carry out sampling, seal-like work.

Third, according to the test operation and sample processing needs, the applicant applied for and approved by the provincial food and drug supervision and management agreed, the samples taken in the trial site can be processed by the relevant processes and non-stereotyped package form.

Fourth, the inspection agency registration shall July 1, 2011 onwards, the text version of the monthly information submitted to the State Food and Drug Administration Food licensing department, the electronic version submitted to mailbox.

Office of the State Food and Drug Administration
June 13, 2011

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