Disable the language tag identifies the name cosmetics


Disable the language tag identifies the name cosmetics

In order to regulate cosmetics names, labels, logos assessment act, the label audit the implementation of a unified and standardized assessment criteria, according to the "Cosmetics Health Supervision" and its implementation details, "the provisions of health-related product name" and other regulatory compliance requirements, especially the development of the following disable the language tag identifies the name cosmetics, cosmetic products as a name tag identifies the audit criteria.
First, the exaggerated language prohibiting the use of false
Effects; efficient; full effect; powerful; quick; markedly; magic; miraculous; broad-spectrum (except the sun); the first Generation X; speed white; a washed; a black wash; permanent (hair products); Professional ( hot, nail products); Outstanding (antioxidant); XX days effective; XX cycle effective; super; activation; round; weather; security; non-toxic; Lipolysis; liposuction; burn fat; thin (body, face, legs); weight loss; the body to enhance muscle tissue, strong; longevity; eternal youth; prevent (skin aging); second skin; increase subcutaneous tissue metabolism; deep; cell regeneration; DNA regeneration; increase (protected) memory; improve skin resistance to stimuli (competence); resolve the dead cells; prevent wrinkles forming; to (remove) in addition to wrinkles; repair broken elastic (force) fiber; just off; using the new mechanism of color never fade; rapidly (to repair skin damage by UV ); update the skin; destruction of melanocytes; blocking melanin formation; Breast; breast; the breast fullness; improve (promote) sleep; Sleep and so on.
Second, prohibiting the use of express or implied treatment of the disease and the effect of language
Treatment; sterilization; antibacterial; sterilization; antibacterial; sterilization; bacteria; disinfection; detox; anti-inflammatory; anti-inflammatory; allergy; Harmonie; soft sensitive; Shumin; delay-sensitive; desensitization; faded Min; improve allergies; reduce skin sensitivity; calm; calm; qi; qi; blood; raw muscle; blood; sedative; keep the brain; Qi; Tongmai; bloating motility; diuretic; fend off the cold detoxification; endocrine; delay the menopause; kidney; Qufeng; germinal; anti-cancer; cancer; remove scar; blood pressure; prevention and treatment of hypertension; prevent ovarian and uterine disorders; (excluded) toxins; adsorption of lead and mercury; dehumidification; moistening; remove spots ; get rid of freckles, melasma, Hudie, pregnancy spots; spots up the net; without spots; treatment of alopecia areata, alopecia totalis; layer decreased multiple stain; new hair; hair regeneration; Health and black hair; (treatment) rosacea ; wound healing; remove toxins; relieve spasms convulsions; reduce or alleviate disease symptoms.
Cosmetic labels, small packaging or instructions shall not be marked with indications on the other.
Third, prohibiting the use of medical terminology
Prescription; prescription; drug formulations; pharmaceutical preparations; drugs; medicine; herbs; family medicine; traditional remedy; Medicine; medical; treatment; doctors; doctors; nurses; diagnosis; by × × Cases with significant effects; skin allergy ; skin; dermatitis; papules; pustules; hand eczema; onychomycosis; tinea; tinea capitis; jock itch; athlete's foot; athlete's foot; Goose ringworm; tinea versicolor; psoriasis; infectious eczema; alopecia areata; alopecia totalis; lesions alopecia; follicle activation; colds; menstrual pain; myalgia; headache; abdominal pain; constipation; asthma; bronchitis; indigestion; insomnia; wounds; burns; burns; carbuncle; folliculitis; skin infections; skin facial spasm; Bacteria; fungi; Candida; Pityrosporum; anaerobes; teeth sp; acne; hair follicle parasites; estrogen; male hormones; hormone; antibiotics; hormone; central nervous system; cell proliferation and differentiation; immunity; affected area; scar; joint pain; frostbite; frostbite; stretch marks; skin cells of oxygen exchange; swelling; lymph; capillaries; lymph and other drugs.
Fourth, prohibit the use of the name of another way to ensure that misleading or implied terms of their effectiveness
1, the "Ministry of Health (doors) approved" or "Ministry of Health (Gate) special approval" or "the State Food and Drug approval" in the name of the product for publicity.
2, the documents of approval as a cosmetic label, the contents of the product specification for publicity.
3, to cosmetics and other inspection bodies and inspection reports for the product name for publicity.
4, the medical name for the products celebrities for publicity.
5, the user name for the product for publicity.
Fifth, the efficacy against claims
1, the effectiveness of claims against special purpose beyond cosmetics, "Cosmetics Health Supervision Regulations", "Cosmetics Health Supervision Regulations" under the nine categories of special cosmetics and their interpretation of the meaning.
2, non-special use cosmetics cosmetics ban claimed the role of special purpose, that of Hair, hair, perm, hair removal, breast, body, deodorant, cream, sun protection.
Six, or prohibiting the use of vulgar words with feudal superstitious
Crazy for you, for you boiling; God, Sin, ghost, witch, fairy, magic, Gua, evil, soul, and other drugs.
Seven, prohibit the use of drugs already approved the name.
Eight, in the technical review process, not limited to the above language is disabled, and to comply with "health-related provisions of the product name" and "Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics" requirements.



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