Cosmetics and naming guide naming the notice requirement


Cosmetics and naming guide naming the notice requirement
State Food and Drug Administration Xu [2010] 72
February 5, 2010 release

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities health department (bureau), Food and Drug Administration (Drug Administration), the unit:

In order to regulate cosmetics named, the State Food and Drug Administration to develop a "cosmetic naming rule" and "cosmetic naming guidelines" are hereby issued, please comply.


State Food and Drug Administration
二○一 ○ 年 二月 五日

Cosmetics naming convention

Article cosmetics to ensure the scientific name, specification, consumer protection, based on "cosmetics Health Supervision", "Cosmetics Health Supervision Regulations", the enactment of this provision.

Article shall apply to sales of cosmetics in the PRC.

Article cosmetics named must meet the following principles:
(A) comply with relevant state laws, rules, regulations, normative documents;
(B) concise, easy to understand, comply with Chinese language and customs;
(C) not to mislead and deceive consumers.

Article cosmetics names should generally be by the trade name, common name, property name component. Name order generally trade names, generic names, attribute names.

Article cosmetics named prohibit the use of the following:
(A) false, exaggerated and absolute terms;
(2) Medical terminology, express or implied, the role and effectiveness of medical terms;
(C) medical celebrity name;
(D) the consumer is not easy to understand words and local dialects;
(E) or with a feudal superstitious vulgar words;
(F) has approved the drug name;
(G) foreign letters, Pinyin, numbers, symbols, etc.;
(Viii) other misleading terms.
Seventh in the preceding provisions, that SPF, color, serial number, or registered trademarks and the need to use foreign letters, symbols, except; registered trademarks and the need to use foreign letters, symbols of the Chinese used to be in the manual instructions , but the convention, except for customary use, such as vitamin C.

Article cosmetics registered trademarks and trade names are divided into unregistered trademarks. Trade names should conform to the provisions of the relevant requirements.

Article cosmetics generic name should be accurate, objective, can be described that the main raw material or product use, the use of other parts of the text.

Article cosmetics product attribute name should indicate the true physical characteristics or morphology.

Article IX convention, the name can be used to omit the use of cosmetics, common name, property name.

Article trademark names, common names, property names, while others need to mark the contents of the can be specified after the attribute name, including the color or color number, SPF, odor, for hair, skin or a specific group of people and so on.

Article XI of specific raw materials used in the name of the name or type of words that raw materials, product formulations and ingredients should be consistent.

Article XII of the Chinese name of the imported cosmetics should try to correspond with the foreign name. Can be translation, transliteration or meaning, sound joint translation, generally based translation.

Article XIII of the State Food and Drug Administration responsible for the interpretation.

Since the provisions of Article XIV of the release date of implementation. Prior to regulations issued inconsistent with this provision, to the latter shall prevail.


Cosmetics Naming Guidelines

Name cosmetics as a guide, according to "the provisions of cosmetics named" the development of this guide.

First, disable the language
Some terms are used in cosmetics should be based on its name in the locale to determine. Banned in cosmetics in the name of the meaning of the word or expression used words include:
(A) the absolute meaning of the word. Such effects; full effect; powerful; miraculous; efficient; quick; magic; super; comprehensive; round; the most; first; grade; top; the highest level; extreme; extraordinary; skin; remove wrinkles, etc. .
(B) the false nature of the meaning of the word. Add only part of the natural products such as cosmetics ingredients, but claim that the product "natural", is a false meaning of the word.
(C) exaggerated meaning of the word. Such as "professional" may be applied to specialty store or through professional training classes to use the hair, perm class (toe) and other CPI products, but for other products is an exaggerated meaning of the word.
(D) medical terminology. Such as prescription; prescription; medicinal; drugs; medical; treatment; treatment; stretch marks; the name of various skin diseases; all the names of diseases and so on.
(E) express or implied term health effects and effects. Such as anti-bacterial; antibacterial; sterilization; sterilization; bacteria; anti-inflammatory; anti-inflammatory; blood; detoxifying; allergy; Harmonie; desensitization; spots up the net; without spots; remove scar; germinal; hair regeneration; just off ; weight loss; Lipolysis; liposuction; thin; face-lift; stovepipe and so on.
(F) medical celebrity's name. Such as Que; Hua; Zhongjing; Li and so on.
(G) is not associated with the characteristics of the product, consumers are difficult to understand the meaning of the word. Such as decoding; digital; intelligence; infrared light.
(H) of the vulgar meaning of the word. Such as "naked" for "naked" when the meaning of the word is a vulgar nature, shall not be used; for the "bare makeup" (such as makeup cosmetics) can be used.
(I) meaning of the word feudal superstition. Such as ghosts, goblins, Gua, evil, soul. Another example is "God" for "god" is when the meaning of the word feudal superstition; for "Refreshing" (for example, aromatic cosmetics) can be used.
(X) has approved the drug name. Such as skin mites and so on.
(K) beyond the scope of claims that the product uses. Such as special cosmetics claim shall not exceed the "Cosmetics Health Supervision" and its implementing rules of the nine categories of special cosmetics interpretation of the meaning. Another example of non-special use cosmetics, cosmetics for special purposes may not claim the role.

Second, the language can be declared
Where the terms in line with the definition of cosmetics can be used in cosmetics name. Recommended for use in cosmetics names can claim terms, including:
(A) non-special use cosmetics
1 names of hair cosmetics can be used in antidandruff; soft and other words.
(2) the name can be used in skin care cosmetics fresh; oil; moisture; moisture; ease; wrinkle; white; compact; sun repair and other words.
3 names can be used in color cosmetic beautification; concealer; modification; Lip; Lip; Lip; fiber dense eyelashes, curling and other words.
4 (toe) A name can be used in cosmetics to protect; landscaping; lasting and other words.
5 aromatic name can be used in cosmetic deodorants; refreshing and other words.
(B) special use cosmetics can be used with the meaning of the name, purpose, characteristics consistent with words.
Such as cosmetics, fitness class name can be used in bodybuilding; body sculpting and other words. Freckle freckle cosmetic name can be used; Blemish other words.

Third, this guide is the name of banned cosmetics language and declared that the principle language requirements, including but not limited to the specific terms of these words.

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