China to set up partnerships outside the company's application documents


Incorporated foreign-funded partnership program

Foreign-funded partnership, generally through the following steps:
The first step: to receive consultation and fill out the "name (change) pre-approved application", "designated (commission) book", while preparing related materials;
Step two: submit "name (change) pre-approved application" and wait for the results of approved names;
The third step: collect the "Company Name pre-approval notice," while receiving "foreign-invested enterprises to set up the application for registration"; business covering the pre-approval (refer to specific projects of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce published the "Beijing Enterprises registration of pre-licensing project directory ") for the relevant approval procedures;
Step Four: Submission of application materials are complete, comply with the statutory form, waiting to receive "administrative licensing decision";
Step five: get "set up to grant registration notice", follow the "allowed the establishment of registration notice" to determine the date of payment to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and obtain a business license.

Application for registration of partnership enterprises with foreign investment shall submit documents and certificates
(A) the registration of foreign enterprises to set up a partnership to be submitted documents:
1, "Application for registration of establishment of foreign-invested enterprises" (includes "enterprises to set up registration forms," ​​"Chinese investors (partnership partners) List", "foreign investors (partners partnership) List," " corporate domicile "and other forms);
2, all the partners of the qualification certificate or identity certificate; (foreign partner should be submitted by the host country and by the notary public in the country to make our country (consulate), the main qualification certificate or identity certificate and proof of residence abroad; Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan regional investors, the main qualification certificate or identity certificate and proof of residence abroad shall provide the local notary notarized document (Hong Kong by the China Legal Service (HK) Limited stamped seal transmitting transmitting the mainland public security department issued The MTP can be used as a natural person investors in Taiwan's identity and without notary); foreign partner country to establish diplomatic relations with China has not yet terminated or have diplomatic relations, their main qualification certificate or proof of identity and proof of foreign residence should be notarized by a notary public after the country handed over to China has diplomatic relations with third countries in the country that (consulate), the aforementioned notarization, authentication files needed by China in the third country to make (consulate), but foreign partner in China, home, and can submit proof of residence country, no notary certification);
3, "designated (commission) book";
4, the partnership agreement;
5, all the partners of the partners or actually paid subscription confirmation; (in kind, intellectual property rights, land use rights or other property rights invested by all partners commissioned by institutions to assess the price of a statutory assessment should be to furnish a statutory assessment of price assessment agency issued proof.)
6, "Company Name pre-approval notice";
7, "Corporate Secretary (contact) registration form";
8, in line with the instructions of foreign investment in industrial policy;
9, with foreign partners do business with credit certificate issued by financial institutions;
10, "legal documents power of attorney" and authorized person qualification certificate or identity certificate;
11, special general partner of a partnership should also submit proof of professional qualifications;
12, with its foreign partners in China according to law from RMB investment, should be submitted within the Foreign Exchange Management Department issued RMB RMB profits or other legitimate income to reinvest in capital projects approved foreign exchange business documents and other related documents.
13, operates in the pre-licensing program, shall be submitted for approval approval documents.
Drew particular attention to: foreign investment partnership of business covering the "Foreign Investment Industrial Investment Partnership Bibliography" to limit foreign investment in a partnership engaged in industry and requires government investment projects approved by competent authorities, registration authorities will carry out the substantive examination procedure, in accepted 15 working days from the date of the relevant departments to seek the views of the comments made on the basis of whether the registration decision.

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