Industrial Catalog for Foreign Investment Enterprises


Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
(2007 Amendment)
Encourage foreign investment in industrial directory
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery
1 in the transformation of low-yielding farmland
(2) woody edible oil, spices, and industrial raw materials, planting and development, production
3 vegetables (including edible fungus, melon), fresh and dried fruit, tea cultivation techniques and products pollution-free series development, production
4 sugar, fruit trees, grass and other crops, new technology development, production
5 flower and nursery production base construction, operation
6 rubber, sisal, coffee plantations
7 in planting, breeding (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
8 and the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, development and production of organic fertilizer resources
9 trees (bamboo) to create and breeding, new varieties of polyploid trees and cultivation of new varieties of genetically modified trees
10 aquatic breeding seed (excluding precious quality varieties endemic to China)
11. Desertification and soil erosion such as planting trees and grass ecological environment construction, operation
12 aquaculture, cage farming, factory aquaculture, marine species of ecological farming
Second, the mining industry
1 CBM exploration, development and utilization of coal mine gas (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
2 oil and gas risk exploration and development (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3 low-permeability oil and gas reservoirs (fields) development (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
4. Enhanced oil recovery and development of new technologies related applications (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
5. Geophysical prospecting, drilling, logging, logging, oil exploration and development of underground work and other development and application of new technologies (limited partnership)
6 oil shale, oil sands, heavy oil, excess oil and unconventional oil exploration and development (limited partnership)
7 iron ore, manganese ore exploration, mining and processing
8. To improve the utilization of mine tailings and application of new technology development and mining technology, the integrated application of ecological restoration
9. Undersea combustible ice exploration, development (limited partnership)
Third, the manufacturing
(A) agro-food processing industry
1 bio-feed, straw feed, aquatic feed development, production
2. Aquatic products processing, purification and processing of shellfish, seaweed functional food development
3 vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, storage and processing of livestock products
(2) Food Manufacturing
1. Babies, elderly food and functional food development, production
2 forest food development, production and processing
3 natural food additives, food ingredients production (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(C) the beverage industry
1 fruit and vegetable drinks, protein drinks, tea drinks, coffee drinks, beverages plant development, production
(D) of tobacco industry
1 two cellulose acetate tow and processing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
2. Papermaking tobacco sheet production method (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3 filter tips processing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(E) Textiles
1. Using special high-tech industrial textile production
2 high-grade fabric fabric dyeing and finishing
3 in line with ecological and resource use and environmental requirements of the special natural fibers (including wool of animals other than fiber, flax fiber, bamboo fiber, silk, cotton, color, etc.) processing
4. The use of computer integrated manufacturing system of clothing production
5 high-grade carpets, embroidery, drawn products
(F) leather, fur, feathers (down) Products
1 leather and fur processing of clean technology
2. After finishing the new technology of leather processing
3 high-grade leather (sofa leather, car seat leather) processing
(G) wood processing and wood, bamboo, rattan, palm and straw products
1 Forestry three residues, "second, small, paid" wood and bamboo utilization of new technologies, new product development and production
(H) Paper and paper products industry
1 Press the integration of forest and paper production lines, single and over 300,000 tons of chemical wood pulp and a single scale production lines and over 100,000 tons of chemical mechanical wood pulp and the size of simultaneous construction of high-grade paper and paperboard production (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(Ix) petroleum processing and coking
1 needle coke, coal tar processing
(J) chemical materials and chemical products manufacturing
1. 800,000 tons and above-scale ethylene production (relative to holding Chinese)
(2) ethylene derivatives manufacturing downstream products and C4-C9 products of ethylene by-products (except synthetic rubber butadiene generate) the utilization
3. 200,000 tons or more of PVC resin production (ethylene)
4 Sodium hypochlorite, deep processing of PVC and silicone products
5. Benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylene glycol and other basic organic chemical raw materials and derivatives production
6 synthetic materials supporting materials: bisphenol-A production, hydrogen peroxide propylene production of propylene oxide
7 synthetic fiber raw materials: precision terephthalic acid, caprolactam, nylon 66 salt, melt-spinning spandex resin
8. Synthetic Rubber: solution styrene butadiene rubber (not including thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber), butyl rubber, isoamyl rubber, polyurethane rubber, acrylic rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, nitrile rubber, and fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, special rubber production
9 engineering plastics and plastic alloys: polyphenylene ether (PPO), engineering plastics and nylon 12 nylon 11, polyimide, polysulfone, polyarylate (PAR), liquid crystal polymers and other products
10 Fine Chemicals: catalysts, auxiliaries, additives of new products, new technologies, dye (pigment) commercialization of process technology, electronics, paper with high-tech chemicals, food additives, feed additives, leather chemicals (NN dimethyl base except formamide), oil additives, surfactants, water treatment, adhesives, inorganic fiber, inorganic nano material production, deep processing of pigment coating process
11 low hysteresis and high abrasion carbon black production
12 environmentally friendly printing inks, environmentally friendly production of aromatic oils
13 natural spices, synthetic spices, single ion spices
14 high-performance coatings, water-based automotive paints and related water-based resin
15 alternatives to HCFCs production
16. Organic fluorine chemical products (HCFC HCFC or hydrogen, except tetrafluoroethylene)
17 from the phosphorus chemical industry, aluminum smelting recovery of fluorine resource production
18 large-scale coal chemical products (China Holdings)
19 forestry chemical products, new technologies, new product development and production
20. Ion membrane caustic soda, inorganic membranes, membrane production capabilities
21 environmental inorganic, organic and biofilm development and production
22 new fertilizer development and production: bio-fertilizer, high concentration of fertilizer, compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, compound microbial inoculant, Compound microbial fertilizer, straw and waste composting agents, microbial agents special features
23 efficient, safe pesticides and new varieties of high-performance new pesticide formulation development and production
24. Bio-pesticides and biological control product development and production: microbial insecticide, microbial fungicide, agricultural antibiotic, insect pheromones, natural enemies, microbial herbicides
25 emissions, waste, waste utilization and treatment and disposal of
26. Organic polymer materials: shell coating of silicone modified ships, aircraft skin coatings, rare earth cerium sulphide red dye, lead-free electronics packaging materials, color plasma display special series of lithography pulp, small diameter microfiber surface area, high-precision fuel filters, lithium-ion battery separator, multi-functional composite plastic processing additives, citric acid glycerol ester, fluorine fludioxonil, cyanide cream yl
(K) medical manufacturing
1 new compound drug or active ingredient drug production (including bulk drugs and formulations)
2 amino acids: serine, tryptophan, histidine, methionine for feed production
3 new anti-cancer drugs, new drugs and new cardiovascular drugs nervous system production
4 new, efficient and economical production of contraceptives
5. The use of biological engineering technology, the new drug production
6. Heterocyclic fluoride and other fluorine-containing intermediates of high physiological activity and the production of pharmaceuticals
7 genetically engineered vaccine (AIDS vaccine, hepatitis C vaccine, contraceptive vaccine, etc.)
8 Biological vaccine production
9. BCG and polio vaccine production
10 drug development and production of marine
11 pharmaceutical agents: the use of slow-release, controlled release, targeting, transdermal absorption of new technologies of the new formulations, new products
12 new development and production of pharmaceutical excipients
13 bio-medical materials and products (human body and its specimens, specimens of human organs and tissue processing excluded) production
14. Veterinary antibiotic raw material production (including antibiotics, chemical synthesis)
15. Veterinary antimicrobial drugs, anthelmintic, insecticide, anti-coccidiosis medicines and new formulations of new product development and production
16. The production of new diagnostic reagents
(L) Chemical fiber manufacturing
1. Differential chemical fiber and Kevlar, carbon fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and other high-tech chemical fiber production
2 new solvent cellulose fiber and other environmentally friendly production
3 fibers and non-fiber polyester with a new production: poly (trimethylene terephthalate) (PTT), polyethylene glycol Kwai acid (PEN), polyethylene terephthalate (PBT)
4. The use of renewable resources, biomass engineering technology to produce new fiber materials: PLA fiber PLA, PDO biological polyols fiber
5 single production capacity of daily output of 100 tons and above polyamide
6 radial tire production with Aramid fiber and cord
(M) plastic products industry
1 plastic technology and new products (photolysis film, multifunctional film and raw materials, etc.) development and production
(2) digestion of waste plastics and recycling
3 plastic packaging new technologies and new products (high-barrier, multi-function film and raw materials) the development and production
(Xiv) non-metallic mineral products industry
1 new energy-saving, environmental protection, development and production of construction materials: lightweight, high strength multi-wall materials, high-grade environment-friendly decoration materials, high-quality waterproof sealing materials, efficient insulation materials
2 to plastic steel, plastic wood, energy-efficient chemical building materials production
3 annual output of 10 million square meters and more elastic, plastic modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is good, wide (2 meters) high-quality EPDM and supporting materials, durable PVC roll material, TPO membrane production
4 electromagnetic shielding glass, micro glass substrate, through the infra-red lead-free glass, electronic-grade large-sized quartz glass diffusion tube, super second generation and third generation micro-channel plate, optical fiber and glass panels and light-cone but rather control the production
5. 50,000 tons and above the glass fiber (direct-melt process line) and glass fiber reinforced plastic production
6 continuous glass fiber strand mat, fiberglass surface felt, micro-thin glass fiber cloth and carpet production
7 image bundles and fiber production of medical laser
8 annual output of 1 million or more sanitary ceramics production
9. Standardization of refined ceramic materials, ceramic materials with high-grade production of decorative
10 cement kilns, high-grade (e) glass, ceramics, glass fibers, porous carbon brick kiln with high-grade refractory materials, etc.
11 automobile catalytic device with ceramic substrate, aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramic substrate, the porous ceramic production
12. Inorganic non-metallic materials and products: artificial crystal, carbon / carbon composite materials, special ceramics, special sealing materials, high speed oil seal materials, special cementitious materials, special latex material, acoustic rubber, room temperature thermal conductivity of 0.025W / mK and below insulation materials
13 high-tech composite materials: continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites and prepreg, temperature> 300 ℃ resin-based composite materials, auxiliary materials, molding process, resin-based composite blades, resin-based composite materials, high-end sporting goods, special performance glass pipe (pressure> 1.2MPa), special function compound materials and products, deep water and diving composite products, medical and rehabilitation products with composite materials, carbon / carbon composite materials and brake pads, high-performance ceramic matrix composite materials and products, metal matrix composite materials and products, laminated composite and metal products, pressure ≥ 320MPa high pressure composite hose, large passenger aircraft tire
14 precision high-performance ceramics and functional ceramic raw materials: silicon carbide (SiC) powders (purity> 99%, average particle size <1μm), silicon nitride (Si3N4) powders (purity> 99% The average particle size <1μm), high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder (purity> 99.9%, average particle size <0.5μm), low temperature sintering of zirconium oxide (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature <1350 ℃), high purity aluminum nitride (AlN ) powder (purity> 99%, average particle size <1μm), rutile TiO2 powder (purity> 98.5%), silica (particle size <100nm), barium titanate (purity> 99%, particle size <1μm )
15 Diamond membrane tool, ultra-thin thickness of 0.3mm and below the production of synthetic diamond saw blade
16 Non-metallic mineral fine processing (ultra-fine grinding, high purity, refined, modified)
17 ultra-high power graphite electrode
18 pearl mica production (particle size 3-150μm)
19 multi-dimensional multi-contour to the overall preparation of the fabric and fabric production
20. The use of dry-process cement kilns sound disposal of combustible industrial waste and garbage
(O) non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry
1 diameter more than 200mm silicon single crystal and polished wafers, polysilicon production
2 high-tech non-ferrous metal materials: new high-performance hydrogen storage materials, lithium-ion battery electrode materials, compound semiconductor materials (gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, indium phosphide, gallium nitride), high-temperature superconducting materials, shape memory alloy materials (titanium, nickel, copper and iron-based shape memory alloy materials), ultrafine (nanometer) calcium carbide and ultrafine (nanometer) crystal hard alloy, super-hard composite materials, composite materials, precious metals, aluminum radiator, high pressure cathode capacitance
Aluminum foil, special large-scale aluminum alloy, aluminum precision forging, electrified railway overhead wire, ultra-thin copper strip, copper alloy corrosion resistant heat exchanger materials, high-performance copper and nickel, with copper alloy, beryllium copper strip, wire, tube and Stick processing materials, high temperature anti-tungsten filament, magnesium alloy castings, lead-free solder, magnesium alloy and its applications, foam aluminum, titanium alloy strip and welded pipe, atomic-level sponge zirconium, tungsten and molybdenum deep processing products
(XVI) fabricated metal products
1 car, motorcycle lightweight and environmentally friendly new materials (aluminum body, aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy motorcycle frame, etc.)
2 architectural hardware, plumbing equipment and hardware development, production
3 used for packaging various types of foodstuff, fruits and vegetables, beverages, cosmetic products, the contents of metal packaging products (thickness of 0.3 mm or less) manufacturing and processing (including the outer wall of printed and coated products processing)
(Xvii) general machinery manufacturing
1 high-end CNC machine tools and key components: five-axis CNC machine tools, CNC coordinate boring and milling machining center, CNC Jig Grinding, five-axis CNC system and servo devices, precision CNC machining with high-speed hard cutting tool
2.1000 tons and above, multi-station forging forming machine manufactured pier
3. Scrapped vehicle dismantling, crushing processing equipment
4. FTL flexible production line manufacturing
5 vertical multi-joint industrial robot, welding robots and welding equipment plant
6 special processing machinery: laser cutting and welding equipment, laser equipment, precision machining, CNC EDM wire cutting machine to go low, sub-micron ultra-fine mill
7.300 tons and above, wheel, crawler crane manufacturing (limited to joint-venture, cooperation)
8 Pressure (35-42MPa) Thru-pressure piston pumps and motors, pressure (35-42MPa) low speed high torque motor design and manufacturing
9. Electro-hydraulic proportional servo component manufacturing
10 pressure (21-31.5MPa) the overall multi-valve, pneumatic solenoid valve power 0.35W the following, 200Hz frequency over the design and manufacture electronic control valve
11. Hydrostatic drive design and manufacturing
12. Pressure 10MPa or more non-contact gas film seal, the pressure more than 10MPa dry gas seals (including the experimental setup) the development and manufacture of
13 Automotive Polymer (friction plate, modified phenolic pistons, total score of non-metallic hydraulic pump, etc.) development and manufacturing
14 third and fourth generation wheel bearings (bearings, the outer ring with flange and wheel bearing sensor features), high profile CNC machine tools and machining center bearing (more than three-axis machining center with joint function, positioning repeatability for the 3-4μm), high speed wire rod, plate rolling mill bearings (single-purpose wire rod mill rolling speed 120m / s and above, the thickness of 2mm sheet mill processing and above board and the work roll support bearings), high-speed rail bearings (speed greater than 200km / h), these low noise vibration bearings Z4 (Z4, Z4P, V4, V4P noise level), various types of bearings P4, P2-bearing manufacturing
15 high-temperature insulation materials (insulation class F, H grade) and insulation molding parts manufacturing
16. Hydraulic pneumatic seal with the development and manufacture of rubber and plastic
17 12.9 and manufacture of high strength fasteners
18 cars, motorcycles casting, forging blanks manufacturing
19 machine tools, automobile parts (except the five assembly), construction machinery remanufacturing
(Xviii) Special Equipment
1 mining trackless mining, loading and transportation equipment manufacturing: 100 tons and above mechanical drive mining truck, mobile crusher, 3000 cubic meters / hour and above the bucket wheel excavator, 5 cubic meters and above mining loaders, 2000 kilowatts more electrical traction coal mining equipment
2 geophysical, logging equipment: MEME geophone, digital telemetry seismograph, digital imaging, computerized logging system, horizontal wells, directional wells, drilling rig equipment and apparatus, MWD logging while drilling
3 oil exploration, drilling, gathering and transportation equipment manufacturing: Working water depth greater than 500 meters floating drilling systems and floating production systems, working water depth greater than 600 meters undersea oil production, gathering and transportation equipment, winch power greater than 3,000 kilowatts, top of the driving force is greater than 850 kilowatts, drilling pump power with greater than 1800 kilowatts of deep-sea oil rig, drilling depth of 9000 meters above the desert land-based oil rig and oil rig, 10 million tons / year oil refining installations with 80 tons and above Pistons edge reciprocating compressors, CNC deep oil logging, oil drilling mud solid hole equipment
4 more than 6 meters in diameter shield machine design and manufacturing system integration, more than 5 meters in diameter full-face hard rock boring machine (TBM) systems integration design and manufacturing, diameter more than 1 meter to 30 meters above the large diameter rotary drilling rig manufacturing, diameter 1.2 m above the pipe jacking machine design and manufacturing, back to the drag force 200 tons of non-excavation of large underground pipeline laying equipment manufacturing, underground continuous wall construction drilling rig manufacturing, manufacture of automatic vertical drilling system
5.100 tons and over large Pipelayer, more than 320 horsepower and a large trenching machine design and manufacturing
6 Ground pressure 0.03MPa and less power for more than 220 horsepower and crawler bulldozers, more than 520 horsepower and the design and manufacture of large bulldozers
7.100 m3 / h and above specifications dredging machine, 1,000 tons and above dredger dredging equipment design and manufacturing
8. Flood control dam with a concrete cutoff wall construction and equipment design and manufacturing
9 underwater earthwork construction machinery: water depth of 9 m the following bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc.
10 roads and bridges maintenance, automatic detection equipment
11 highway tunnel operation control, ventilation, disaster prevention and relief system equipment manufacturers
12 large-scale railway construction, and operation of large-scale road maintenance machinery design and manufacture of safety equipment
13 (asphalt) shingles equipment, galvanized steel and other metal roof production equipment
14 green energy-saving spot spraying polyurethane waterproof thermal insulation system equipment, the preparation of polyurethane sealant technology and equipment, modified silicone sealing paste preparation technology and production equipment
15 thin-slab continuous casting machine, precision strip mill (thickness 10 micron accuracy) design and manufacturing
16 DRI and smelting reduction of iron equipment
17.50 tons manufacture more high-power direct current electric arc furnace
18 color coated, plated sheet metal equipment manufacturing
19 multi-element, fine particles, refractory metal mineral beneficiation equipment manufacturing
208,000 tons / year of ethylene and above the critical equipment in the equipment manufacturing: cracked gas, ethylene propylene centrifugal compressor, the annual processing capacity of 100,000 tons Mixer, diameter 800 mm and above, centrifuges, temperature above 250 ℃, working pressure 15Mpa more corrosion-resistant pumps and high pressure valves, -55 ℃ below the low temperature and cryogenic pumps (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
21 large-scale coal chemical equipment manufacturing (limited to joint-venture, cooperation)
22 metal mold (such as copper, aluminum, titanium, zirconium tubes, rods, profiles extrusion die) design, manufacture, repair
23 outside the car body panel stamping die design and manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle jig, fixture design and manufacturing
24. Accuracy better than 0.02 mm (containing 0.02 mm) precision stamping dies, precision higher than 0.05 mm (including 0.05 mm), precision cavity molds, mold design and manufacture of standard parts
25. Non-metallic products, mold design and manufacturing
266,000 bottles / beer filling equipment and over 50,000 bottles / h or more drinks in the warm and hot-fill equipment, 36,000 bottles / h and above aseptic filling equipment
27 amino acids, enzymes, food additives and other production technology and key equipment manufacturing
28.10 tons / hour and above, feed processing equipment and key parts
29. Leng high 0.75 mm and below the light board and corrugated carton equipment
30. Off multi-color sheet-fed offset printing presses faster than 16,000 pairs of open / h (720 × 1020 mm), off the double-sided printing multi-color sheet-fed offset printing press printing speed 13,000 pairs of open / h (720 × 1020 mm), full-width sheet-fed multi-color offset sheet printing speed of 13,000 pairs of press opening / h (1000 × 1400 mm) manufacturing
31. Single single paper path speed web offset printing presses more than 75,000 pairs of open / h (787 × 880 mm), single double-width web offset presses printing paper road speed is greater than 170,000 pairs of open / h (787 × 880 mm), commercial web offset printing presses faster than 50,000 pairs of open / h (787 × 880 mm) manufacturing
32 speed 300 m / min or more, width 1000 mm multi-color flexographic printing machine manufacture
33 computer ink presetting ink remote control, speed tracking ink, printing quality automatic detection and tracking system, no shaft drive technology, the speed at 75000 / h speed automatic splicer, to the remote machine and can automatically adjust the high-speed folding machine, automatic overprinting system, cooling, plus silicon systems, devices, making partial adjustment
34 glass deep-processing technology and equipment manufacturing
35 high-tech special industrial sewing machines
36 new paper machine (with pulp) and other equipment manufacturing
37 leather finishing technology equipment
38. Agro-processing and storage of new equipment development and manufacturing: food, oil, vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, meat, aquatic products processing and storage, preservation, grading, packing, drying and other new equipment, agricultural products quality testing equipment , non-destructive testing the quality of agricultural equipment, rheometer, Farinograph, ultrafine grinding equipment, efficient dewatering equipment, five or more high-efficiency equipment, fruit juice concentrate, powder food sterilization equipment, materials, solid and semi-solid food aseptic packaging equipment , aseptic packaging packaging materials, dairy production DVS ferment, disc separator centrifuge
39 manufacturers of agricultural machinery: agricultural facilities (greenhouse automatic irrigation equipment, nutrition and fertilization equipment, automatic configuration, high-vegetable nursery equipment, Soil nutrient analysis instruments), supporting the engine power of 120 kilowatts or more tractors and related farm, low noise, low fuel consumption and low emissions from diesel engines, a large tractor with a residual spray mist particles recovery unit, high-performance rice transplanter, Cotton harvesting machine and cotton picking units to adapt to a variety of spacing of self-propelled corn combine harvester (hydraulic or mechanical drive drive)
40 forestry equipment technology equipment
41. Comprehensive utilization of crop straw and equipment, rice husk utilization equipment
42. The comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste and large-scale livestock and poultry waste utilization equipment
43 Day fat, section (agriculture) drugs, water-saving agricultural technology and equipment manufacturing
44. Electromechanical cleaning equipment and cleaning drug production equipment
45 Manufacturing of electronic endoscopes
46. ​​Fundus camera manufacturing
47 medical imaging equipment (high-field superconducting magnetic resonance MRI, CT, X-ray computed tomography, B ultrasonic) the manufacture of key components
48 medical ultrasound transducer (3D) manufacturing
49. Boron neutron capture therapy equipment manufacturing
50. X-ray stereotactic radiotherapy system manufacturing
51. Dialysis machine, blood filter manufacturing
52 automatic enzyme immunoassay system (including the Canadian sample, ELISA, plate washer, incubation, data post-processing and some other functions) equipment
53. Pharmaceutical quality control of new technology, new equipment
54 Chinese medicine effective material analysis, new technologies, new extraction techniques, new equipment development and manufacturing
55 new drug packaging materials, containers and advanced pharmaceutical equipment
56 new textile machinery, key components and textile testing, development and manufacture of laboratory instruments
57. Jacquard artificial fur machine manufacturing
58 solar cell production equipment manufacturer
59. Pollution control equipment development and manufacturing
60 cities and rural organic waste disposal equipment, equipment utilization
61 waste plastic, electrical appliances, rubber, battery recycling recycling equipment
62. Aquatic ecosystems, environmental protection technology, equipment manufacturing
63 Nissan 100 thousand cubic meters and above, desalination and cooling technology and equipment development and manufacturing
64 special meteorological observation and analysis equipment 65. Seismic stations, seismic observation stations and networks and mobile technology systems development and manufacture of equipment
66. Three or more drums and tire machine manufacturing
67 rolling resistance testing machine, tire making noise laboratory
68. Heat metering, temperature control and installation of new technology and equipment manufacturing
69 Preparation and hydrogen storage and transportation equipment manufacturing and inspection system
70. New heavy residue gasification spray nozzles, steam leakage rate of 0.5 percent and below efficient Steam Traps, 1000 ℃ and above, high temperature ceramic heat exchanger manufacturing
71 waste tire utilization equipment manufacturing
(Xix) Transport equipment manufacturing
1 vehicle manufacturing (the proportion of foreign capital does not exceed 50%) and automotive R & D institution-building
2 car engine manufacturing, engine manufacturing and renewable R & D institution-building engine:-liter power of not less than 50 kW gasoline engine, or power not less than 40 kW diesel engine displacement of three liters the following or not less than 30 kilowatts of power displacement of three liters or more diesel engines, fuel cells and hybrid engines and other new energy manufacturing
3 key auto parts manufacturing and R & D of key technologies: disc brake assembly, drive axle assembly, automatic transmission, diesel fuel pump, engine intake supercharger, viscous coupling (four-wheel drive), hydraulic tappet, electronic instrument cluster, automotive crankshaft and connecting rod (8 liters of diesel engines), anti-lock braking system (ABS, ECU, valve body, sensor), electronic stability system (ESP), circuit braking system ( BBW), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), traction control systems, automobile airbag gas generators, diesel electronic injection system, common rail fuel injection (maximum injection pressure is greater than 1600 Pa), variable geometry turbo Technology (VGT), variable nozzle turbocharger technology (VNT), to China Ⅳ stage engine emission standards for emission control devices, intelligent torque management system (ITM) and the coupling assembly, wire steering system, engine particle capture, intelligent cylinder, special rubber automobile accessories
4 car electronics manufacturing and R & D: the engine and chassis electronic control systems and key components, vehicle electronics technology (information systems and automotive navigation systems), automotive electronic bus network technology (limited to joint ventures), electronic control system inputs (sensors and sampling system) output (actuator) components, electric power steering system electronic controller (limited to joint ventures), embedded electronic integration system (limited to joint ventures, cooperation), electronically controlled air springs, electronically controlled suspension system, electronic valve system device , electronic throttle, battery (nickel-metal hydride and lithium ion) and control system (limited to joint ventures), integrated motor and control system (limited to joint ventures), wheel hub motors, multi-function controller (limited to joint ventures), fuel cell stack and zero parts, automotive hydrogen storage systems, cars, motorcycles based detection system testing and maintenance with
5 motorcycle key components: motorcycle electronic fuel injection technology (limited to joint ventures, cooperation), to stage Ⅲ China motorcycle emission standards for engine emissions control device
6 to rail transportation equipment (limited to joint venture, cooperation): high-speed rail, passenger rail lines, inter-city railway, main line railway and urban rail transportation equipment and key parts of the vehicle (traction drive system, control system, brake system ) R & D, design and manufacturing; high-speed railway, railway line, intercity passenger rail and urban rail transit facilities and equipment R & D, design and manufacturing, information technology in information system design and development; high-speed railway, the railway passenger line, inter-city railway track and bridge equipment R & D, design and manufacturing, rail transportation communication signal system development, design and manufacturing, electric iron
Road equipment and materials manufacturing, railway noise and vibration control technology and R & D, manufacture of railway passenger sewerage, railway transportation safety monitoring equipment manufacturing
7. Civil aircraft design, manufacture and maintenance: trunk, regional aircraft (China Holdings), general aviation aircraft (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
8 aircraft component manufacturing and repair
9 design and manufacture of civil helicopters: 3-ton and above (China Holdings), 3-ton or less (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
10 civil helicopter parts manufacturing
11 ground water effect aircraft manufacturing (China Holdings)
12 UAV, float design and manufacturing (China Holdings)
13 aircraft engines and parts, aviation auxiliary power system design, manufacture and maintenance (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
14 civil airborne equipment design and manufacturing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
15 Design and manufacture of civil carrier rockets (Chinese party)
16 aviation ground equipment: civilian airport facilities, civilian airport operations and security equipment, ground equipment, flight testing, flight simulation and training equipment, test and measurement equipment, aviation, aerospace ground test equipment, integrated testing airborne equipment, aerospace manufacturing special equipment and aviation materials, special equipment for trial, application of civil aircraft and ground receiving equipment, rocket ground test equipment, mechanical and environmental test equipment, launch vehicles
17 spacecraft optical and electrical products, spacecraft temperature control products, product testing equipment on the satellite, the spacecraft structure and organization products manufacturing
18 Light gas turbines
19 high-tech ship and marine engineering equipment design (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
20. Vessels (including sub) and marine engineering equipment repair, design and manufacturing (China Holdings)
21 ships of low, medium, high speed diesel engine design (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
22 marine diesel engine parts design and manufacturing (limited to joint-venture, cooperation)
23 ships of low, medium speed diesel engine and crankshaft design and manufacturing (China Holdings)
24. Ship cabins machinery, deck machinery design and manufacturing (relative to holding Chinese)
25. Ship communication and navigation equipment design and manufacturing: equipment, ship communications systems, electronic navigation equipment, ships, marine radar, gyro autopilot, ship, etc. within the public broadcasting system
26 ocean-going fishing vessels, yacht design and manufacturing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(Xx) Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing
16,000 kilowatts supercritical, ultra-supercritical power plant one million kilowatts with the key equipment manufacturing (limited to joint-venture, cooperation): boiler feed pumps, circulating pumps, temperature above 400 ℃, working pressure 20Mpa above the main steam loop high temperature and pressure valve
2 million-kilowatt nuclear power plant key equipment manufacturing (limited to joint-venture, cooperation): nuclear grade Ⅰ, Ⅱ grade nuclear pumps and valves
3 power plant desulfurization, denitrification, bag filter technology and equipment manufacturing
4 nuclear power, thermal power equipment, seal design, manufacture
5 nuclear power equipment manufacturing Forging
6 power transmission equipment (limited to joint venture, cooperation): amorphous alloy transformers, high voltage 500 kV and above, Used for large tube, high voltage switch with operating mechanism and autonomous whole arc contact, direct current transmission with a dry-type reactor control, 6-inch high-power direct current converter valves crystal valve, the design and manufacture of RoHS compliant electrical contact material, and no Pb, Cd solder manufacturing
7 new energy power generation equipment or key equipment manufacturing (limited to joint venture, cooperation): photovoltaic power, geothermal power, tidal power, wave power generation, waste power generation, gas generation, and above 1.5 MW wind power generation equipment
8 Stirling generator manufacturing
9 line and plane motor and drive system development and manufacturing
10 solar air-conditioning, heating systems, solar drying device manufacturers
11 biomass drying pyrolysis system, biomass gasification plant manufacturing
12 AC voltage regulator traction device manufacturing FM
13. Intelligent Circuit Breaker (voltage 380V, current of 1000A), a large project intelligent cabinet or drawer type circuit breaker with the bus type of intelligent manufacturing complete sets of equipment for electric control distribution
(Xxi) communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing
1 digital camcorder, digital equipment and digital cinema burst into production, editing, playback equipment
2. TFT-LCD, PDP, OLED, FED (including SED, etc.) flat panel displays, display materials
3 large screen color projection display with an optical engine, light source, projection screen, high-resolution projection tube and projection micro-display modules and other key pieces of manufacturing equipment
4 digital audio and video encoding and decoding equipment, digital broadcasting TV studio equipment, digital cable TV system equipment, digital audio broadcast transmission equipment, digital TV up and down converters, digital terrestrial television broadcasting Single Frequency Network (SFN), satellite digital TV uplink station equipment, satellite television public reception (SMATV) front-end equipment
56000 pixels or more high-performance digital single lens reflex camera manufacturer
6. IC design, line width 0.18-micron and below, large-scale digital integrated circuit manufacturing, and below 0.8 micron analog, digital-analog integrated circuit manufacturing and BGA, PGA, CSP, MCM and other advanced packaging and testing
7 medium-sized computer, the million billion high-performance computers, portable microcomputers,, trillion times per second and above high-end servers, large-scale simulation systems, large-scale industrial control manufacturing machines and controllers
8 digital signal processing systems and computer boards manufacturing
9 graphic image recognition and processing system manufacturing
10 high-capacity optical disk drive and component development and manufacturing
11 speed, storage capacity of 100TB and more intelligent storage systems and equipment manufacturing
12 large format (width 900mm or more) high-resolution color printing equipment, precision high-resolution color printer 2400dbi and above the nose, large format (width 900mm or more) high-definition color copying equipment
13 computer-aided design (three-dimensional CAD), auxiliary test (CAT), aided manufacturing (CAM), aided engineering (CAE) systems and other computer application systems manufacturing
14 software product development, production
15 development and manufacture of electronic materials (except for development and manufacturing of optical fiber preform)
16 electronic equipment, test equipment, tool and die manufacturing
17 new electronic components manufacturing: chip components, sensitive components and sensors, frequency control and selection components, hybrid integrated circuits, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, new mechanical and electrical components, high-density interconnect laminates, multi- flexible board, Rigid-flex printed circuit board and Substrate
18 high-tech green battery manufacture: dynamic nickel-hydrogen batteries, nickel-zinc batteries, silver zinc batteries, lithium ion battery, high capacity maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries, solar cells, fuel cell, cylindrical zinc-air batteries
19. Luminous efficiency of 501m / W or more high-brightness light-emitting diodes, light emitting efficiency of 501m / W or more light-emitting diode wafer (blue), light-emitting efficiency of 501m / W and power of 200mW or more above the white LED manufacturing
20. RFID chip development and manufacturing
21 High-density digital jukebox with the development and production of key components
22 read-only type CD-ROM replication and recordable CD production
23 Design and manufacture of civil satellites (Chinese party)
24. Manufacture of civil satellite payload (Chinese party)
25 civilian satellite parts manufacturing
26 satellite communications system equipment
27 satellite navigation receivers and key parts
28 optical measuring instrument, the rate 10Gb / s optical transceiver manufacturing and above
29 ultra-wideband (UWB) communications equipment manufacturing
30. Wireless local area network (WAN) equipment
31. Optical Cross Connect (OXC), network equipment, automatic optical switching (ASON), 40G/sSDH over fiber-optic transmission equipment, optical transmission coarse WDM (CWDM) equipment manufacturing
32. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and IP data communication system manufacturing
33 third-generation mobile communications systems and follow-up phone, base stations, core network equipment and network testing equipment development and manufacturing
34 high-end routers, gigabit network switches than the above development, manufacturing
35 air traffic control system equipment (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(Xxii) instrumentation and culture, office machinery manufacturing
1 Fieldbus control system and key components
2 large-scale development and manufacture of precision instruments: including electron microscopy, laser scanning microscope, scanning tunneling microscope, power more than 2kw laser, electron microprobe, photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, industrial chromatography , color - mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, energy dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, diffraction, industrial CT, large-scale dynamic balancing testing machine, the amount of online mechanical automatic detection system, more than high-speed centrifuges speed 100000r/min large optical microscope, coordinate measuring machines, laser than long instrument, electrical prospecting instrument, 500m above the aviation electrical and gamma-ray spectrometry equipment, gravity wells and three-component magnetometer, high-precision micro-gravity and gamma air gravity gradient measuring instruments, rapid analysis of geochemical elements in the Field, portable ground penetrating radar
3 high-precision digital voltmeter, ammeter manufacturing (display range for more than seven and a half)
4 reactive power automatic compensation device manufacturing
5 two-phase flow meter, flowmeter manufacture of solid
6 electron gun automatic coating machine manufacture
7 tube voltage 800 kV and above industrial X-ray apparatus manufacturing
8 safety and environmental testing instruments manufacture of new equipment
9. VXI bus automatic test system (in accordance with IEEE1155 international standards) manufacturing
10 coal mine monitoring and disaster forecasting system, the coal safety testing and manufacture of integrated management system development
11 engineering survey and geophysical observation equipment: digital triangle measuring system, CNC forming three-dimensional terrain model system (an area of> 1000 × 1000mm, horizontal error <1mm, altitude error <0.5mm), ultra-broadband seismometer (φ <5cm , band 0.01-50Hz, equivalent to the earth rate noise <10-9m / s), a collection of seismic data processing system, integrated borehole seismic and precursory observation systems, precision and controlled source system, the acceleration measurement system engineering, high-precision GPS receiver (precision 1mm +1 ppm), INSAR image receiving and processing system, INSAR image receiving and processing system, accuracy <1 micron absolute gravimeter gamma, satellite gravimeter, the use of coherent or dual-polarization Doppler weather radar technology, visibility measuring meter, meteorological sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, precipitation, cloud, visibility, radiation, permafrost, snow depth), anti-lightning system, multi-level airborne dust sampling design ,3-D ultrasonic anemometer, high-precision intelligent all-Station meter, three-dimensional laser scanners, high-performance diamond drilling bit, non cooperative target laser rangefinder, wind profilers (with RASS), GPS electronic probe instrument control system, CO2/H2O flux observation system, boundary layer Doppler Le laser radar, particle by particle spectrum of the instrument (3nm-20μm), high-performance data acquisition, underwater gliders
12 environmental testing instruments of the new technology equipment: air quality testing, water quality testing, gas testing instruments online new technology and equipment, emergency equipment required for the development of new systems and complete sets of differential optical analysis system, self-calibration, combined , low drift, networking telemetry, remote control equipment and systems
13 air pollution control equipment: high temperature and corrosion-resistant filter, wet desulphurization coal-fired power plant equipment, low-NOX burners, flue gas denitrification and nitrogen and the catalyst complete sets of equipment, industrial organic waste gas purification equipment, diesel row gas purification device
14. Pollution control equipment: horizontal screw centrifugal dehydrator, membrane and membrane material, 10kg / h above the ozone generator, 10kg / h above the chlorine dioxide generator, ultraviolet disinfection device, small rural sewage treatment equipment
15 solid waste treatment and disposal equipment: impermeable geomembrane landfill, hazardous waste treatment plant, landfill gas power generation, large-scale livestock and poultry waste utilization equipment
16 Environmental monitoring instruments manufacturing: SO2 automatic sampler and analyzer, NOX and NO2 automatic sampler and analyzer, O3 automatic monitor, CO automatic monitor, automatic smoke and dust sampler and analyzer, automatic gas sampling device and analyzer, portable toxic gas detector, automatic analysis of organic pollutants in the air meter, COD automatic online monitor, BOD automatic online monitor, line monitor turbidity, DO online monitor, TOC-line monitor, ammonia line monitor, the radiation dose detector, ray tester
17. Hydrological data collection, processing and transmission, and flood warning instruments and equipment
18 Exploration of the Sea monitoring instruments and equipment: the deep-sea underwater cameras and underwater cameras, multi-beam detector, the detector shallow stratigraphic section, go-propelled thermohaline deep detector, fluxgate compass, hydraulic winch,
Underwater sealed electrical connectors, efficiency> 90% of the reverse osmosis desalination with energy recovery efficiency> 85% of the high-pressure pump with reverse osmosis desalination, reverse osmosis desalination membrane (desalination rate of> 99.7%), Nissan 2 million tons of low-temperature multi-effect distillation desalination plant, marine ecosystem monitoring buoys, profiling floats, one-time use of the conductivity temperature and depth measurement instruments (XCTD), on-site water quality measurement instruments, intelligent marine water quality monitoring with chemical sensors (continuous Work 3 to 6 months), electromagnetic current meters, acoustic Doppler current profiler (self-contained, direct-reading, and marine-type), conductivity temperature depth profiler, acoustic release unit response, offshore deep-sea tidal measurement system ( laid submarine)
(Xxiii) other manufacturing
1 product development and utilization of clean coal technology and equipment manufacture (coal gasification, liquefaction, coal-water slurry, coal industry)
2 coal washing and ash (including gypsum), coal gangue comprehensive utilization
3. Biodegradable materials production
Fourth, electricity, gas and water production and supply
1 using integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC), 30 kilowatts or more circulating fluidized bed, 10 kilowatts or more pressurized circulating fluidized bed (PFBC) power plant construction clean combustion technology, business
2 back pressure cogeneration power plant construction, operation
3 main hydroelectric power construction, operation
4 nuclear power plant construction and operation (controlled by Chinese)
5 new energy power station (including solar, wind energy, magnetic energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, wave energy, biomass, etc.) construction and operation
6 water use (direct use of seawater, seawater desalination), industrial recycling of industrial wastewater treatment
7 urban water supply plant construction, operation
Fifth, transportation, storage and postal industry
1 Railway construction of dry-line network, business (controlled by Chinese)
2 Line railway, local railway and its bridges, tunnels, ferries and station facilities, business (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3 high-speed railway, railway line, intercity railway infrastructure integrated maintenance (China Holdings)
4 highways, independent bridges and tunnels construction, operation
5 road freight transport companies
6 Harbor public dock facilities, business
7 civil airport construction, operations (relative to holding Chinese)
8. Air transportation companies (Chinese Holdings)
9 agriculture, forestry, fisheries Universal Airlines (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
10. Liner and tramp maritime transportation business (the Chinese holding)
11 international intermodal business
12 oil (gas) pipelines, oil (gas) library construction, operation
13 coal pipeline transportation facilities, business
14 transport business-related storage facilities, management
Six, wholesale and retail trade
1 general merchandise distribution
2 Modern Logistics
Seven, leasing and business services
1 accounting, audit (limited partnership, partnership)
2 international economic, technological, environmental information consulting services
3. To undertake service outsourcing in application management and maintenance systems, information technology support management, banking back-office services, financial settlement, human resource services, software development, call centers, data processing, information technology and business process outsourcing services
Eight, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting
1. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering technology, biomass energy development technology
2 isotopes, radiation and laser technology
3 ocean development and ocean energy development technology, comprehensive utilization of resources of marine chemical technology, related product development and deep processing technology, marine technology, medicine and biochemical product development
4 marine monitoring technologies (ocean waves, meteorology, environmental monitoring), undersea exploration and marine resources exploration and evaluation techniques
5. Utilization of sea water desalination salt concentration after the extraction of potassium, bromine, magnesium, lithium and its deep processing of high value-added use of seawater chemistry resources, technology
6 energy-saving technologies developed
7. Recycling and comprehensive utilization of technology, production and emissions technology development and application re-use
8 environmental pollution control and monitoring technology
9 fiber production, energy saving, waste management technology
10 anti-desertification and desert control technology
11 balance between grass and integrated management techniques
12 civilian satellite application technology
13 Research and Development Center
14 high-tech, new product development and business incubation centers
Nine, water, environment and public facilities management industry
1 integrated water control construction and operation (controlled by Chinese)
2 city closed road construction, operation
3 City subway, light rail and other rail transit construction and operation (Chinese party)
4. Sewage, waste disposal plants, hazardous waste treatment and disposal plant (incineration, landfill) and environmental pollution control facilities, business
X. Education
1. Higher education institutions (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
XI, health, social security and social welfare
1. The elderly, disabled and children services
XII culture, sports and entertainment
1 venues business (controlled by Chinese)
2 stadium business, fitness, sports training and competition performance and intermediary services
Restricted Foreign Investment Industries Directory
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery
1 new crop breeding and seed development and production (China Holdings)
2 rare species of logs processed (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3. Cotton (seed cotton) processing
Second, the mining industry
1 special and scarce coal exploration, mining (China Holdings)
2. Barite exploration, mining (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3 precious metals (gold, silver, PGE) exploration, exploitation
4 diamond and other precious non-metallic mineral exploration, mining
5 phosphate mining, beneficiation
6. Szaibelyite magnesium and boron iron ore mining
7. Celestite mining
8 Ocean manganese nodules, sand mining (Chinese party)
Third, the manufacturing
(A) agro-food processing industry
1. Soybean, rapeseed edible oil processing (China Holdings), deep processing of corn
(2) bio-liquid fuel (fuel ethanol, biodiesel) production (Chinese party)
(B) Beverage manufacturing
1 wine, famous wine production (China Holdings)
2 carbonated beverage production
(C) the tobacco industry
1. Dayefukao tobacco processing
(D) printing and reproduction of recorded media
1. Publications Printing (China Holdings, except printing of package decoration)
(E) Petroleum Processing and Coking
1 annual output of 800 tons and the following refinery construction, operation
(F) chemical materials and chemical products manufacturing
1 caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), potash (potassium hydroxide) production
2. Sensitive material production
3. Benzidine production
4 Precursor Chemicals production (ephedrine, 3, 4 - phenyl-2 subunit dioxide - acetone, acid, 1 - phenyl-2 - acetone, piperonal, safrole, isosafrole, acetic acid anhydride)
5. HCFCs HCFCs or hydrogen, PTFE, aluminum fluoride, hydrofluoric acid production
6. Butadiene rubber, emulsion styrene butadiene rubber, thermoplastic styrene-butadiene rubber production
7. Chloromethanes (except for a methyl chloride), calcium carbide process PVC production
8. Sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide, open hearth method of production of potassium permanganate
9. Boron magnesium iron ore processing
10. Barium salt, strontium salt production
(Vii) pharmaceutical manufacturing
1. Chloramphenicol, penicillin G, lincomycin, gentamicin, dihydrostreptomycin, amikacin, tetracycline hydrochloride, oxytetracycline, Midecamycin, leucomycin, ring C norfloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin production
2. Dipyrone, paracetamol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, multivitamin preparations and oral calcium production
3 National EPI vaccines (except BCG and polio vaccine), vaccine type and anti-toxin, toxoid type (DPT, measles, encephalitis B, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine) production
4. A class of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances raw material drug production (China Holdings)
5. The production of blood products
6 non-auto-disposable syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion and blood bags production
(H) Chemical fiber manufacturing
1 regular slice spinning production of chemical fiber spinning
2. Viscose staple fiber production
(Ix) Rubber Products
1. Refurbishment of old tires (tire) and for low performance industrial rubber parts production
(J) non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry
1 tungsten, molybdenum, tin (except tin compounds), antimony (including antimony trioxide and antimony sulfide) and other rare metals smelting
2 aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and other non-ferrous metal smelting
3 rare earth separation (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(K) fabricated metal products
1 container production
(Xii) general equipment manufacturing industry 22
1. All kinds of general-level (P0) bearings and parts (steel ball, cage), blank manufacturing
2.300 tons the following wheel, crawler crane manufacturing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
(XIII) appliance manufacturing
1 middle and low B-mode ultrasound imaging instrument manufacturing
2 general polyester filament, staple fiber equipment
3.320 horsepower and below, bulldozers, and the following 30-ton hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and the following 6-ton, 220 horsepower and below ground, rollers, forklifts, and the following non-road 135-ton dumper trucks, road surface milling rework machinery, garden machinery and equipment, commodity concrete machinery (prop pump, mixer, mixing station, truck) manufacturing
(Xiv) Transport equipment manufacturing
1 ordinary ships (including sub) repair, design and manufacturing (China Holdings)
(O) communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing
1 satellite ground receiving television production facilities and key components
2 Fiscal Cash Register product manufacturing
Fourth, electricity, gas and water production and supply
1. Tibet, Xinjiang, Hainan and other small power range, the unit capacity of 300,000 kilowatts and coal-fired steam power plant, stand-alone capacity of 10 000 kW and coal-fired steam extraction dual-use cogeneration power plant construction unit operating
2 grid construction and operation (controlled by Chinese)
Fifth, transportation, storage and postal industry
1. Railway freight transportation companies
2. Railway passenger transportation companies (Chinese party)
3 road passenger transport company
4 immigration trucking company
5. Water transportation companies (Chinese party)
6. Photography, exploration, industrial and other common carriers (China Holdings)
7. Telecommunication companies: value-added telecommunications services (the proportion of foreign investment not exceeding 50%), basic telecommunications in mobile voice and data services (the proportion of foreign capital does not exceed 49%), basic telecommunications in the domestic and international operations (foreign capital does not exceed 35 %, no later than December 11, 2007 to allow foreign investment ratio of 49%)
Six, wholesale and retail trade
1 direct marketing, mail order, online sales, franchising, commissioned operation, commercial management, commercial companies
2 grain, cotton, vegetable oil, sugar, medicines, tobacco, automobiles, crude oil, pesticides, fertilizers, wholesale, retail, distribution (the establishment of more than 30 stores, sales from several suppliers of different types and brands of merchandise controlled by the Chinese side chains)
3. Audiovisual products (excluding movies) distribution (limited to cooperation, China Holdings)
4. Goods Auction
5 Ship Agent (China Holdings), tally for foreign vessels (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
6 refined oil wholesale and gas stations (the same foreign investors to set up more than 30 stores, sales from multiple suppliers in different types and brands of oil a chain gas station, by the Chinese party) construction, operation
Seven, the financial sector
1 banking, financial leasing companies, finance companies, trust investment companies, money brokers
(2) insurance companies (life insurance company no more than 50% foreign)
3 securities companies (limited to underwriting A shares, B shares and H shares as well as government and corporate bond underwriting and trading, foreign investment no more than 1 / 3), securities investment fund management companies (no more than 49% foreign)
4. Insurance brokerage firm
5 Futures companies (Chinese partner holding)
Eight, real estate
1 land development (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
2 luxury hotels, villas, high-grade office buildings and international exhibition center construction, operation
3. Secondary market transactions and real estate or real estate brokerage firm
Nine, leasing and business services
1 Legal Advice
(2) market research (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
3 credit information and rating services company
Ten, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting
1 Mapping companies (Chinese partner holding)
(2) import and export commodity inspection, appraisal, certification company
3 photography services (including aerial photography and other special effects photography services, but does not include aerial photography, mapping, limited joint venture)
XI, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management industry
1 city gas, heat and water supply and drainage network construction, operation (controlled by Chinese)
XII Education
1 high school educational institutions (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
XIII, health, social security and social welfare
1 Medical institutions (limited to joint-venture, cooperation)
Fourth, culture, sports and entertainment
1 radio and television program production and Film production project (limited partnership)
2 cinema construction and operation (controlled by Chinese)
3 large-scale theme park construction, operation
4 performance agencies (China Holdings)
5. Entertainment business (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
Fifth, and our country in international treaties concluded or acceded to set limits on other industries
Prohibited Foreign Investment Industries
First, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery
1 China's rare and unique varieties of rare breeding, planting (including farming, animal husbandry, aquaculture, good genes)
2. Transgenic plant seeds, breeding livestock and poultry, aquatic fry development, production
3 China's jurisdictional waters and inland waters fish catch
Second, the mining industry
1. Tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony, fluorite exploration and mining
2. Rare-earth exploration, mining, ore dressing
3 radioactive mineral exploration, mining, ore dressing
Third, the manufacturing
(A) beverage manufacturing
1 China's traditional craft of green tea and special tea processing (tea, black tea, etc.)
(B) the pharmaceutical industry
1 included in the "Regulations on the Protection of wild medicinal resources" and "China Rare and Endangered Plants" of herbal medicine processing
2 Pieces of Chinese medicine steaming, frying, moxibustion, moxibustion forging technology applications such as guns and proprietary prescription products confidential
(C) the non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry
1 radioactive mineral smelting, processing
(D) Special equipment manufacturing
1. Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers
(E) Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing
1 open-type (ie, direct discharge of mist type) lead-acid batteries, silver oxide button batteries contain mercury, paste-type zinc-manganese batteries, nickel-cadmium battery manufacturing
(F) industrial and other manufacturing
1 ivory carving
2 tiger processing
3. Bodiless lacquerware production
4 enamel products manufacturing
5 rice paper, ink ingot production
6. Carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic products and production of persistent organic pollutants
Fourth, electricity, gas and water production and supply
1. Tibet, Xinjiang, Hainan and other small-grid, stand-alone capacity of 300,000 kilowatts and below coal-fired steam power plant, stand-alone capacity of 10 000 kW and coal-fired steam cogeneration power plant extraction dual construction, operation
Fifth, transportation, storage and postal industry
1. Air traffic control company
2 Post Company
Six, leasing and business services
1 social survey
Seven, scientific research, technical services and geological prospecting
1 human stem cells, gene diagnosis and treatment of technology development and application
2. Geodesy, ocean mapping, aerial photography, mapping, surveying and mapping administrative boundaries, topographic maps prepared in the preparation, the preparation of common map navigation electronic map preparation
Eight, water, environment and public facilities management industry
1. Nature Reserve and Wetland of International Importance of the construction, operation
2 State of origin in China to protect wild animals and plants resources development
Nine, Education
1 compulsory education institutions, military, police, political and party areas such as special education institutions
X. Culture, Sports and Entertainment
1 news agencies
2 books, newspapers, journals publishing, distribution and import of the total
3 audio-visual products and electronic publications, production and import business
4 levels of radio (stations), television (stations), radio and television channels (rate), radio and TV transmission networks (transmitters, relay stations, satellite radio and television, satellite uplink stations, satellite receiving stations, microwave stations, monitoring stations, cable broadcasting and TV transmission networks)
5 radio and television program production company
6 film production companies, distribution companies, theaters Company
7 news sites, online audio-visual program services, Internet service establishments, Internet culture operation
8 video screening company
9 golf course construction, operation
10 gambling (including gambling class racecourse)
11 porn
XI, other industries
1. Endanger the safety and effective use of military facilities in the project
XII countries and our international treaties concluded or acceded to the prohibition of other industries

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