Completed on the revision of trade mark application type description description


Completed on the revision of trade mark application type description description

In recent years, due to trademark applicants fill out an application-based content is not standardized, every year nearly 20,000 trademark applications documents are inadmissible, not only mark the date of application the applicant can not be retained, the earlier application rights are not guaranteed, but also to Trademark Office for the acceptance and follow-up review be affected.

In order to protect the legitimate interests of trademark applicants, improve and standardize the procedures of trademark applications, trademark applications received to enhance the transparency and improve the trademark application for registration of the quality and efficiency, our bureau to retain the original format of the application on the basis of trademark applications the comments section of the book (complete description) was revised, improved and supplemented. Please mark the applicant and the trademark agency in the process of trademark application for trademark registration and other matters, trade mark application with reference to various fill-style description of the back fill.

Registered trademark and the trademark agency, the applicant should pay particular attention to application-style comments (fill in description) clearly states the applicant shall complete the project. For example: the applicant is a natural person, shall be filled in the names behind the ID card numbers, addresses the applicant should fill out the provincial, city, county, neighborhood to the house number, the applicant should the applicant Zhangchuo / signature stamp or signature fields, by trademark agency organizations for various types of trademark business application documents, the applicant in the application should be stamped, signed and so on.

The revised application for a variety of trademark-style comments (fill in description) will be July 1, 2010 officially opened. Since July 1, 2010, the trademark applicant, the trademark agency in the application for trademark registrations and trademark applications for other matters, shall be published in accordance with the trademark of this type on the back of the application requirements carefully fill out an application complete description of the matter, not empty items are not allowed to change the application type. For failing to require the use of the application, fill out the application form as required or specific content type, the Trademark Office will not be accepted.

Trademark application type (Note) amended description table
Amendments Amendment No. Description Remarks

Increase in the lower left corner of the application front, "press the back to fill out" column, to show to remind this.

All Form 2 application type

Applicants for a variety of trademark applications business, you must use the application type and Trademark Office announced. All applications and fill in the content type should be typed or printed, not handwritten.

All Form 3 Applicant Name

Applicant's Name and "applicant Zhangchuo (signed)" premises seal stamp (signature) and the qualification attached to the name of the supporting documents should be consistent. The applicant is a natural person, it shall fill in the ID number behind the name. The applicant name should be used in standard Chinese characters, the text must not contain other countries.
Required items
4 Applicant's Name
(English) English name of the application type

Foreign applicants must fill out the English name, the domestic applicants need to complete.
Required for foreign applicants
The applicant address all Form 5

The applicant shall address the main qualification documents fill in the address, proof of qualification in the address does not crown a provincial, municipal, county and other administrative divisions, the applicant shall indicate the name of the corresponding administrative divisions. The applicant is a natural person, you can fill in mailing address. In addition to objections to the applicant, the applicant is not a natural person, fill in the address must be consistent with the proof of qualification. Such as completing inconsistent, will not be accepted.
Required items
6 Address of applicant's application form in English-style address

Foreign applicants must fill in the details of addresses in English, domestic applicants need to complete.
Required for foreign applicants
7 The applicant nationality / region Form 2, 17

Applicants must fill out the nationality of non-domestic / regional.
Required items
8 Total Trademark Form One, two, four, eight

Total trademarks or joint application, there should be a joint application or trademarks of column select "Yes." Completing the transfer application, the transfer before or after the transfer of a total mark for the total mark, and should select "Yes." There are other people fill in application form should be attached to the name on the page, and in the attached sheet stamp (signature).
Required items
Agent organization name all 9 Form

Entrusts a trademark agency agent, agent must fill in the name of the organization. Agent organization here in the Trademark Office is a trademark agency organization, agency or for the general non-managers.
Trademark Organization Required
10 applicants Zhangchuo
(Signature) of all Form

Entrusts a trademark agency agency, the applicant must also be stamped or signed in this field. The applicant does not seal or signature of this column will not be accepted.
Required items
11 Agent organization Zhangchuo
(Signature) of all Form

This field is signed and stamped by the trade mark agents agency organization Zhangchuo.
Trademark Organization Required
Trademark Form 12 type I, II

The applicant should choose to declare the types of trademarks.
Required items
All Form 13 categories

Only one application for a category of matters of trademark applications.
Required items
14 Trademark Form I, II

Should fill in: brand names, logos meaning foreign or minority languages, the textual representation of a special font, stereo / description of the color mark, logo needs to give up exclusive rights and other statements that the applicant considers necessary to address the matter.

15 Goods / Services Form I, II

Goods / services can fill in less than a page to fill in the application form attached, and marked the attached pages. Goods / services should be identified by serial number before.
Required items
16 Priority Claim Form two

First priority application is not complete the initial application state, application date, application number and other projects, or fill out incomplete, deemed not to claim priority.

17 trademark application number / registration number in addition to Form I, II

One can only apply for a trademark application (application number / registration number) of the trademark application matters. Madrid international trademark registration for the trademark, registration number should be preceded by the letters "G".
Required items
18 objection to the request based on the book and the fact that three-

Objection, unless fill out the "factual basis for objections to the request and" column in addition, it may submit objections to the reasons the book signed and sealed, so that the other party to reply.
Required items
19 objections to three-book notes

Objection or the trademark agency shall be notified to submit objections to the request application and related documents.

21 books in six changes to trade mark agents

Applies only to the registered trademark and registered agent of the trademark application for registration changes.

Form seven 22 corrections

"Corrections" column should indicate the correct items and content may not be related to trademark application documents or registration documents of the substance.
Required items
Trademark Renewal Form nine 23

Not yet reached the renewal period or period of grace full of the trademark renewal application as inadmissible.

24 withdrawal / cancellation of trademark Form XI, nine

Shall return "applications for trademark registration acceptance notice" or "trademark" original, not to return the reason should be stated on the application.

Note: 1, 70g trademark application type should be used more than A4 (210mm * 297mm) paper printing. In addition to the application type should be attached to pages other than the front and back print
2, according to the September 15, 2002 implementation of the "Trademark Law Implementing Regulations' article 15, paragraph provides that" applications for trademark registration and other relevant documents shall be typed or printed. "From September 15, 2002, the applicant submitted applications for trademark registration and other relevant documents must be typed or printed, a trademark application for handwritten documents, the Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board shall not accept.

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