Foreigners or foreign enterprises to apply for trademark registration agent approach


Foreigners or foreign enterprises to apply for trademark registration agent approach

(September 1983 China International Trade Promotion Committee Amendments)
According to Article 29 of the Trademark Law Implementing Rules stipulates that foreigners or foreign enterprises in China for trademark registration and handling of other trademark matters, should be entrusted to the China International Trade Promotion Committee Trademark Office for processing. In order to facilitate foreigners or foreign enterprises entrusted to handle these matters, are formulated.

This will mark the first foreign agency or foreign companies according to the commission, agency application for trademark registration, renewal, transfer, change registered in the name or address, use of the trademark licensing contract record, registered trademarks, and other access to dispute resolution and maintenance of trademark rights related matters.
The second required documents:
1. Application for trademark registration, each trademark application in each class to submit one copy of power of attorney, one copy of the application, logo fifteen. Logos are the length and width shall not exceed twelve centimeters. The case of black and white ink color mark must also be up draft two. BLOCK word mark may be exempt from pattern.
People use chemicals, drugs medicines, traditional Chinese medicine medicine and wine of the trademark, since August 1, 1984, the cross-country government authorities or relevant approval documents produced by one copy.
2. Trademark application for registration renewal, power of attorney be submitted for each mark one copy, one copy of the application, logo and China ten original registration certificate.
3. Transfer of trade mark application, the power of attorney is a trademark of each copy of each application one copy of the original registration certificate and China.
4. Application to change registration of a trademark registered in the name or address, to submit a trademark application for each one copy of the original registration certificate and China. Change the name of the registrant name change should also submit their registration documents one copy.
5. A trademark licensing contract record, and submit one copy of the record format as well as three copies of the contracts.
Article III review of a refusal to apply for preliminary approval to trademark the objection notice, the review determined opposition, registered trademarks, and the revocation of the controversial ruling a registered trademark review decision, the applicant shall provide the reasons and possible evidence. Trademark application by the Council on behalf of Agency to prepare and complete.
Article applicant issued power of attorney (power of attorney should indicate the applicant's nationality) their relevant registration documents and other supporting documents should be notarized, certified by the principle of reciprocity.
Article applicants before completing the application for trademark registration, classification should be based on Chinese goods specified the correct classification of goods, in case of difficulties or instructions can be sent product samples, this will mark Agency will assist. Application should set out the specific product name and its purpose and the main raw material.
Article 6 The applicant Chinese translation of the name if specified, should be specified in the application, if no state will mark the Agency will submit an application on behalf of the name translation. To change, should change the trademark registration applications for approval before submission.
Article VII of the trademark in the text and / or graphics, need to explain the meaning. To register in translation, may be trademarks Agency commissioned on behalf of the translation, writing and production of logos.
Article according to the Trademark Law Implementing Rules article 20 provides that the use of registered trademarks, including advertising. This will Trademark Agency advertising agency can be entrusted.
Article 9 will mark the agency can be entrusted to the parties, for the infringement of registered trademark disputes in legal matters.
Article of charges by the Trademark Office will be provided.

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