Commodities with registered trademarks and service classification


Commodities with registered trademarks and service classification


people will think of wine; that MAXAM, people will think of cosmetics. It should be said, to leave the goods or services exist independently of the mark does not exist. So in the process of trademark registration application, the correct representation of the specified goods or services to their respective category, is a trademark of applicant (agent) will first encounter.
Many different departments for administrative, statistical and other work needs to be the commodity classification. Such as from the perspective of national economic management, usually the product is divided into two major categories of industrial and agricultural products, industrial products and heavy industry in the divided light industrial products, industrial products, the products can be classified as metallurgical industry, machinery and industrial products and so on. National Office for trademark registration and management needs, but also the need for commodity classification. Trademark registration and management, it should be said is a huge, complex systems engineering, classification of goods and services is a basic work and Trademark Office. China currently has more than seven hundred thousand registered trademark pieces, if not a scientific classification of management systems, to cable, check. Access to a trademark, like needle in a haystack, is almost impossible.
It is for trademark search, review, management needs to have some common attributes of goods are grouped together, compiled as a class, all the goods and services is divided into 45 categories, we are here to form a narrative " of Goods and Services Classification. " Such as "industrial oils and greases, lubricants, absorption, wetting and adhesion of dust fuels (including motor gasoline) and lighting agents, candles, wicks" and together, form a class (class 4) ; another example, the "surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, orthopedic articles, suture materials," and together, form another class (Class 10). Trademark Office of the query retrieval system is the type of goods and services in accordance with established; "Trademark Notice" arranged by category; applicants should apply for trademark registration made in accordance with category; Trademark Office trademark registration issued to a registered person must also be marked on goods or services and their respective categories.
Category is a registered trademark formalities and pay the cost of the basic unit. That a trademark application for registration in a category for a procedure to pay a basic fee. If an applicant in the medical chemical, medicine, herbs, wine, medical nutrition supplies, air purifying preparations, veterinary drugs, pesticides, sanitary napkins, tooth filling on the trade mark application, although the designated goods as much as ten, But because these products are the same category (category 5), so just go through a procedure to pay a basic fee (ie, a standard class). Another application for registration of a trademark Although companies only use pens and paints in painting, but need to fill in two applications in two categories to apply for and pay the basic cost of the two, because the two products belong to two categories, namely painting, pen belongs to the 16th class, paints are Class 2.
In the past, both by the national Office in accordance with their national conditions and the understanding of the goods, to develop their own classification of goods for the Office and the trademark registration applicants. Commodity classification is not static. It's rich with goods and people's understanding of the gradual increase in goods and amendments. China since 1923, has been established and published in five commodity classification. To the 1950s, the world economy has been substantial development, international exchanges become more frequent. Some countries believe that all countries use their own classification of goods can not meet the international trademark matters related links to the trademark owner to bring trouble to the foreign registration, trade mark is not conducive to the development and economic development. These countries, the Office believes that the need for a unified international classification of Goods. In this case resulted in the Nice Agreement.

(B) the registered trade mark International Classification of Goods and Services for the development and status of

Nice Agreement is a multi-national participation in international conventions, and its name is "trademark registered with the International Classification of Goods and Services Agreement." The Agreement on June 15, 1957 in the southern French city of Nice, signed April 8, 1961 to take effect. Member of the Nice Agreement has been developed to 65. China on August 9, 1994 joined the Nice Union. Nice Agreement aims to establish a common trademark International Classification of Goods and Services system, and ensure its implementation. Currently, a total of 45 classes of international classification, in which 34 categories of goods, services 11 categories, contains a total of ten thousand of goods and services. Required to fill in the applicant's goods and services in general are, too. All members of the Nice Union are not only using this classification, and non-members of the Nice Union can also use the classification table. The difference is that the Nice Union members can participate in the revised classification, rather than the member states the right to participate. The world has more than 130 countries and territories have adopted this classification. China since November 1, 1988 from the adoption of international classification, which greatly facilitates the trade mark applicants, more standardized the Office of Management and close the international trademark matters contact. Especially in 1994 since China's accession to the Nice Agreement, we are actively involved in the modification of the Nice Classification and improvement, has a number of goods with Chinese characteristics, adding Nice classification. Nice classification generally revised once every five years, adding new products first, second, would have been included in the classification of goods under the new point of view to adjust the order of goods more internal unity. We currently use the classification is January 1, 2007 from the implementation of the ninth edition.
Nice Classification consists of two parts, is arranged according to categories of goods and services classification, in part, in alphabetical order of the classification of goods and services.
Arranged by category classification of goods and services in accordance with the order of 1-45 classes. Each class has a category number and title, the title of each class of this class contains general characteristics and range of goods, listed at the end of this class includes all the goods or services, goods or services each have a sequence number, to find. In addition, each class has an annotation for this type of product which includes the class and how to distinguish between the relevant categories of merchandise, how to divide the edge of the product categories described, the notes on the definition of some of the confusing categories of goods of great help . Such as the third category, the class called "bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations, soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, perfume, toothpaste, tooth powder." Explanatory Note as follows: "This category includes bath products and cosmetics, especially including: deodorant for personal use; cosmetic hygiene products, especially not to include: chemical chimney cleaning products (first class); production process using the scouring products (first class); non-personal use deodorant (fifth); grindstone or grinding wheel hand (VIII).

The other part is an alphabetical classification of goods and services. Published by WIPO in English, French order of the classification of goods and services. China's trademark authority has published a schedule arranged by Alphabetical classification of goods and services. Use this table as access to general categories of goods as easy dictionary. Such as televisions and VCRs to a production enterprise in the two trademark applications for goods, according to the Alphabetical, can easily be found in these two commodities are all class 9; another example, a production food, milk and ice cream companies to apply for trademark registration on, with the table, you can also quickly found the two products belong to the 29th class (milk) and Class 30 (ice cream).

(C) the classification of goods and services, the principles

World Intellectual Property Organization classification of goods and services, generally in accordance with the following principles, management authorities and the applicant countries in the event there is no classification of goods and services, to be classified, they can be divided in accordance with the following criteria
1. Merchandise
(1) finished its principle function, use the classification if the classification does not provide criteria for classifying the products that the alphabetical classification of other products of similar points in a class, it can assist the classification that, according to the material or the operation of these products be categorized;
(2) a combination of multi-function products (such as clock radios and a combination of products) based on the various components of the product features or use of, the points of the product with these features or use of the corresponding different categories, if the category table does not require these standards, you can use the first (1) shown in standard;
(3) raw materials, not processed or semi-finished in principle classified according to the composition of raw materials;
(4) The commodity composition of a part of other commodities, in principle, and other points in a class of goods, but under normal circumstances similar goods can not be used for other purposes. All other cases according to the above criteria (1) classification;
(5) consisting of finished or semi-raw materials according to their classification, if it is made of several different materials, in principle, be classified according to their main raw materials;
(6) for the full bloom of goods boxes, box-like container, in principle, and the goods are in the same class.
2. Service
(1) service in accordance with the principles of classification of services on the class name of the division of the industry and its annotations to classify, you can alphabetical classification similar points in a class of service;
(2) rental business services, in principle, achieved with the material by letting the service points in a class (such as telephone rental, 38 minutes in class);
(3) to provide advice, information or consulting services in principle with the provision of services involved in the transaction attributed to the same category, such as transportation consulting (39 classes), Business Management Consulting (Class 35), financial advice (36 class), Beauty Consultants (44 classes). By electronic means (such as telephone, computer) to provide advice, information or advice does not affect the classification of such services.

(D) of the complete product and service names

Trade names are the trademarks registered an important part of the work, which determines the scope of protection of registered trademarks. Therefore, when applying for trademark registration, must specify the name of the specific goods and services. Also, a application form of goods or services can only be limited to a category. Name seek specific, accurate, standardized, in order to clearly specify the scope of trademark protection. In the "distinction between goods and services similar to the table" in each category there are comments, and goods or services are divided into different groups, an application for trademark registration can not fill out the comment section and group names, such as the 2907 milk and dairy products, 4301 to provide catering and accommodation services. In general, a commodity in the commodity classification in the formal name, the classification should be used in the canonical name. Some people's daily lives in conventional commodity title, when applying for trademark registration is not allowed. Such as "appliances" because it includes the range is too large, involving classification of goods in at least five categories of goods. For example, the seventh class of washing machines, household electric mills; the eighth class of the electric razor; the ninth class of iron, electric hair curlers; Class 10 electric massage; XI of the refrigerator, electric water heater. And so on as well as "plastics", "leather" and so on.
Use "similar distinction between goods and services table" in the name of standardized goods and services to help speed up the trademark registration process, ensure timely access to trademark applicants.

Commodities CONTENTS

Used in industry, science, photography, agriculture, horticulture, forest chemicals, unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, fertilizers, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, food preservation chemicals, tanning industrial adhesives
0101 Industrial gases, elemental
0102 for industrial, scientific, agricultural, horticultural, forest industry chemicals
0103 radioactive elements and chemicals
0104 for industrial, scientific chemicals, chemical agents, does not belong to other categories of products with chemicals
0105 for agriculture, horticulture, forest chemicals, chemical
0106 chemicals
0107 photographic chemicals and materials
0108 unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics (excluding unprocessed natural resins)
0109 fertilizer
0110 fire extinguishing compositions
0111 chemical quenching
0112 Chemical preparations for solder
0113 food chemicals (not including salt for food preservation)
0114 tanning and leather chemicals
0115 industrial adhesives and glue (not including paper, adhesives)
0116 Pulp
0117 Energy
The second category
Paint, varnish, paint, rust and wood preservatives, colorants, mordants, raw natural resins, painters, decorators, printers and artists with metal foil and metal powder
0201 dyes, mordant (not including food)
0202 paint (not including food, insulation), painters, decorators, printers and artists with metal foil and metal powder
0203 food coloring
0204 ink
0205 Paint, paint and attached materials (excluding insulating paints)
0206 rust, wood preservatives
0207 raw natural resins
The third category
Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations, soaps, perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, shampoo, toothpaste
0301 Soap, soap and other items with detergent, bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use
0302 cleaning, scouring preparations
0303 polishing, polishing preparations
0304 abrasive materials and their preparation
0305 spices, essential oils
0306 cosmetics (not including animals cosmetics)
0307 toothpaste, scaling preparations
0308 smoked material
0309 animal detergents, cosmetics
The fourth category
Industrial oils and greases, lubricants, absorption, wetting and adhesion of dust fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants, candles and wicks for lighting
0401 Industrial oils and greases, lubricants, lubricant (not including fuel oil)
0402 liquid, gas and light fuel
0403 Solid fuels
0404 Industrial wax
0405 candles and wicks for lighting
0406 absorption, wetting and adhesion of dust supplies
Fifth category
Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, sanitary preparations for medical, medical nutrition, baby food, plasters materials for stopping teeth and dental wax, disinfectants, preparations for destroying vermin, fungicides, herbicides
0501 drugs, disinfectants, Chinese herbs, wine
0502 medical nutrition, infant food
0503 cleaning agents
0504 Veterinary
0505 pesticides, herbicides, pesticides
0506 health supplies, dressings materials, medical care bags
0507 stopping teeth, dental wax
Common metals and their alloys, metal building materials, portable buildings, metal materials for railway tracks, non-electric cables and wires, hardware tools, metal pipes, safes, not included in other classes of common metal, ores
0601 Common metals and their alloys, plates, a variety of profiles (not including rail welding and metal materials)
0602 ordinary metal pipes and accessories
0603 metal building materials, movable metal buildings (excluding building hardware)
0604 railway material of metal
0605 non-electric cables and wires, network with
0606 Cable Accessories for overhead transmission lines (non-electrical parts)
0607 nails and standard fasteners
0608 furniture, windows and doors of metal accessories
0609 Household & Hardware
0610 Non-Electronic Lock
0611 Insurance cabinet, metal cabinet
0612 metal utensils, metal hardware (non-machine parts)
0613 Metal containers
0614 metal plate
0615 animal metal products
0616 welding of metal materials (excluding plastic wire)
0617 anchor, stop for a floating dock with a metal, metal anchor pile
0618 cuffs, hospital identification bracelet with metal
0619 (measured weather or wind) metal blades, metal weather vane
0620 Metal Plant protection
0621 animal trap catch
0622 works of art of common metal, bronze (art)
0623 ore, ore
0624 metal coffin (with the burial), metal fasteners coffin, the coffin with metal equipment
Machines and machine tools, motors and engines (except for land vehicles), machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles), non-manual agricultural tools, incubator
0701 agricultural machinery and parts (not including small tools)
0702 and fishing machinery and apparatus
0703 logging, sawmilling, wood processing and production machinery and apparatus matches
0704 Paper and paper products processing industrial machinery and apparatus
0705 Industrial machinery and equipment Printing
0706 fiber processing and textile, knitting machinery and parts industry
0707 Industrial machinery dyeing
0708 Industrial machinery tea
0709 food industry machinery and parts
0710 brewing and beverage industry machinery
0711 tobacco industry machinery
0712 leather industry machinery
0713 sewing, shoe-making machinery for industrial use
0714 Bicycle Industrial Equipment
0715 ceramic, brick, tile making machinery
0716 engraving machine, machine calibration
0717 system battery machinery
0718 household goods processing machinery
0719 enamel mechanical system
0720 bulb mechanical system
0721 Packaging Machinery (excluding equipment and specialty packaging machinery)
0722 civil coal processing machinery
0723 kitchen home appliances (not including cooking, heating equipment and kitchen electrical hand tools)
0724 washing machine
0725 Pharmaceutical industry machinery and parts
0726 rubber and plastics industry machinery
0727 glass industry machinery
0728 chemical fertilizer plants
0729 Other chemical industry machinery
0730 geological exploration, mining, mineral processing machinery
0731 Smelting Equipment
0732 oil exploration, refining of industrial equipment
0733 building, railway, civil engineering, mechanical
0734 Material Handling Equipment
0735 Forging Equipment
0736 Foundry Machinery
0737 Steam Power Equipment
0738 Diesel Power Equipment
0739 wind, hydro power equipment
0740 office needle nail machine
0741 zipper manufacturing machinery buttons
0742 Metal cutting machine tools, cutting tools and other metal processing machinery
0743 non-hand-operated hand tools
0744 static, electronic industrial equipment
0745 Optical Industrial Equipment
0746 gas separation equipment
0747 painting equipment
0748 motor (including generators, motors, marine motors, excluding motor vehicles) and various motor parts
0749 pumps, gas compressors, fans, valves, hydraulic components, pneumatic components
0750 machine coupling, belts and other machinery parts
0751 welding machine
0752 cleaning, waste disposal machinery
0753 single commodity
Hand tools and implements (hand operated), knife, fork and spoon cutlery, knives, razor
0801 manual grinding apparatus
0802 small farm (not including agriculture, horticulture Cutlery)
0803 forestry, gardening hand tools
0804 animal hand tools
0805 Fishery hand tools
0806 barber tools, repair clippers
0807 non-powered hand tools (not including knives, scissors)
0808 non-powered hand equipment
0809 professional hand tools
0810 Scissors (not including mechanical blades, stationery knife)
0811 In addition to firearms outside of the side arms
0812 cutlery knives, forks, spoons
Class IX
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), rescue (rescue) and teaching apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling instruments and electrical apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and image apparatus, magnetic data carriers, recording discs, automatic vending machines and coin-operated devices and mechanical coin-operated apparatus, cash registers, computers and data processing equipment fire-extinguishing apparatus
0901 computer and peripheral equipment
0902 records, automatic vending machines and other counting detector
0903 Other office machines (not including the typewriter, the reputation of writing machines, mimeograph)
0904 Scale
0905 Measuring
0906 signal equipment
0907 communications and navigation equipment
0908 audio-visual equipment
0909 photography, film equipment and instruments
0910 Measuring instruments, laboratory equipment, electrical measuring instruments, scientific instruments
0911 Optical instruments
0912 Power Materials
0913 Crystal and carbon materials with electrical, electronic, electrical components, GM
0914 Electrical equipment and control devices
0915 electroplating, electrolysis equipment
0916 fire-fighting
0917 arc cutting and welding equipment and apparatus
0918 Industrial machinery and equipment with the X-ray
0919 ambulance safety equipment
0920 alarms, bells
0921 Glasses and Accessories
0922 battery, charger
0923 films have been exposed material
0924 not included in other household appliances and goods
Class 10
Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, orthopedic articles, suture materials
1001 Surgical, medical and veterinary instruments, apparatus, equipment (including electronic, nuclear, electrical stimulation, medical X-ray equipment, instruments and equipment)
1002 Dental equipment and apparatus
1003 medical electronics, nuclear, radiation therapy and X-ray equipment
1004 medical aids, equipment and supplies
1005 pacifiers, bottles
1006 contraceptives
1007 prostheses, wigs and fake organs
1008 Orthopaedic Products
1009 suture materials
Lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary installations
1101 Lighting equipment, appliances (excluding gas lamps, oil lamps)
1102 Spray Light
1103 gas lamps, oil lamps
1104 Electric cooking and heating equipment for civilian (not including kitchen utensils by hand, food processing machinery)
1105 refrigeration, refrigeration equipment (not including refrigerated vehicles)
1106 dry, ventilation, air conditioning equipment (including warm and cold room equipment)
1107 heating, steam generating equipment (including industrial furnaces, boilers, not including the locomotive boiler, boiler camel machine boilers, steam boilers)
1108 Plumbing fittings
1109 health facilities (not including the bathroom appliances)
1110 sterilization and purification equipment
1111 small heater
1112 kitchen appliances ignition
1113 nuclear response equipment
Vehicles, land, air and sea locomotion
1201 trains and parts
1202 cars, trams and parts (excluding tires)
1203 motorcycles and parts (excluding tires)
1204 bicycles, tricycles and parts (excluding tires)
1205 cable cars, aerial transport equipment
1206 wheelchairs, trolleys, buggies
1207 animal-drawn vehicles
1208 tires and tire repair tools
1209 airborne vehicles (excluding aircraft tires)
1210 with the launch vehicle water
Class XIII
Firearms, ammunition and explosives, fireworks
1301 firearms, ammunition and
1302 Explosives
1303 fireworks, firecrackers
Precious metals and their alloys not included in other classes as well as precious metals or coated with precious metal items, jewelry, jewelry, precious stones, horological and chronometric instruments
1401 Precious metals and their alloys
1402 precious metal or plated with precious metal items (not including jewelry, ornaments, souvenirs)
1403 jewelry, jewelry, precious stones and precious metal souvenirs
1404 clock or watch, timer and parts
Musical Instruments
1501 instrument
1502 musical instrument accessories and fittings
Not included in other classes of paper, paperboard and articles thereof, printed matter, bookbinding supplies, photographs, stationery, stationery or household adhesives, art supplies, brushes, typewriters and office requisites (except furniture), educational or teaching material (except apparatus ), plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes), printed in print, the plate
1601 Industrial Paper
1602 technical paper (not including the insulation paper)
Household Paper 1603
1604 board
1605 office, on paper products
Printed publications 1606
1607 photos, pictures, pictures
1608 playing cards, poker
1609 is not a paper and plastic packaging materials in other classes
1610 office binding, cutting tools
1611 Office stationery (not including pen, ink, printing, glue)
1612 ink, ink stone
1613 stamp, stamp pad ink
1614 pen
1615 office or home with tape or adhesive
Office 1616 with drawing instruments, drawing instruments
1617 painting equipment (not including drawing instruments, pen)
1618 typewriters, transcription machine, mimeograph machine and its accessories (including printed typeface, print version)
1619 teaching equipment (excluding the teaching of experimental apparatus)
1620 indoor model compounds (not including teaching model specimens)
1621 Religious articles
Not included in other classes of rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and their products, raw materials, production of semi-finished plastic products, packing, stopping and insulating materials, non-metallic hose
1701 not included in other classes of rubber, gutta-percha, gum
1702 non-metallic sealing damping products
1703 rubber, resin, fiber semi-finished products
1704 Hose
1705 insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation materials
1706 Insulation materials and products
1707 packaging, filling materials (including rubber, plastics)
1708 Other
Leather and artificial leather, not included in other classes of leather and artificial leather products, furs, trunks and traveling bags, umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks, whips and saddlery
1801 Leather and artificial leather
1802 not included in other classes of leather, artificial leather, trunks and traveling bags, leather products, household
1803 Fur
1804 umbrellas and their parts
1805 stick
1806 animal leather equipment
1807 Casing
Class XIX
Non-metallic building materials, non-metallic rigid pipes, drain sheet, asphalt, non-metallic buildings, non-metallic monument
1901 semi-finished wood
1902 soil, sand, stone, stone, plaster, slag and other construction materials
1903 gypsum
1904 Cement
1905 Precast Cement
1906 brick building
Refractory materials and products used in construction 1907
1908 tar, asphalt and related products
1909 Non-metallic building materials and components (excluding cement precast)
1910 Non-metallic building
1911 Glass and glass materials used in construction
1912 Architectural Coatings
1913 construction binder
1914 non-metallic sculpture
1915 coffin tombstone
Article category
Furniture, mirrors, picture frames, not included in other classes of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother of pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for these materials or plastic product
2001 Furniture
2002 non-metallic containers and accessories
2003 non-metallic industrial, construction accessories
2004 mirrors and parts
2005 not included in other classes of bamboo, rattan, palm and straw products
2006 unprocessed or semi-processed bone, horn, teeth, rings, and arts and crafts are not included in other classes
2007 non-metallic license
2008 plastic products for food
2009 poultry, livestock and other animals products
2010 hospital identification bracelet
2011 non-metallic coffin and accessories
2012 non-metal furniture accessories
2013 pad, pillow, sleeping bag
2014 non-metallic doors, windows, accessories and fasteners
Class XXI
Household or kitchen utensils and containers (not of precious metal by the system, or coated with precious metal), combs and sponges, brushes (except paint brushes), brush-making materials, cleaning equipment, steel wool, unworked or semi-worked glass ( except glass used in building), not included in other classes of glassware, porcelain and pottery.
2101 non-precious metal kitchen cooking utensils and containers (not included in other categories, including tableware)
2102's glassware not included in other classes
2103 porcelain, pottery (tea, wine excluded)
2104 glass, porcelain, pottery crafts
2105 non-precious metal tea, wine, coffee and drinking utensils
2106 family household and sanitary ware
2107 combs, brushes, brush-making materials (excluding toothbrushes)
2108 brushing equipment
2109 toothpicks
2110 Toiletries
2111 insulation appliances
2112 Household appliances, scrub
2113 unprocessed or semi-worked glass (excluding glass used in building)
2114 not included in other classes of livestock equipment
2115 household pest control equipment
Article II
Ropes, string, nets, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, sails, bags (not included in other classes), padding and stuffing materials (except such as rubber or plastics), raw fibrous textile materials
2201 cable, rope, wire, with
2202 network, awnings, tents, tarpaulins, sails
2203 bags, handling, packaging materials
2204 liner, filler, sealing materials (not including as rubber, plastic)
2205 fiber material
Textile yarn, thread
2301 textile yarn, silk
2302 lines
2303 Wool
Not included in other classes of fabrics and textiles, bed and table
2401 textile, fabric
2402 Special fabrics
2403 textile wall
2404 Felt and felt products
2405 towels, blankets, towels, pillow covers, handkerchiefs
2406 Bedding
2407 indoor shelter
2408 washing gloves
2409 Special fabrics
2410 flag
2411 Shroud
Twenty-five categories:
Clothing, shoes, hats
2501 clothing
2502 baby textile products
2503 Specialty Apparel
2504 impermeable clothing
2505 costumes
2506 special with shoes
2507 shoes
2508 cap
Socks 2509
2510 gloves (not including special gloves)
2511 tie, scarf, shawl, veil
2512 belts, clothing with
2513 single commodity
Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid, buttons, hooks, pins and needles, artificial flowers
2601 lace, jewelry and braid
2602 not included in other classes of apparel products, pins
2603 buttons, hooks, zippers
2604 wig, fake beard
2605 Sewing equipment (Line)
2606 artificial flowers
2607 Yingtuochengu
2608 Patch textile piece with hot glue
2609 marks linen supplies
Warm teapot set 2610
Twenty-seventh class
Carpets, mats and matting, linoleum and other flooring products, non-textile wall hangings
2701 Carpet
2702 Class I
2703 Shop floor mats and other supplies
2704 non-textile wall hangings
Twenty-eighth category
Games and toys not included in other classes of sports and sporting goods, decorations for Christmas trees
2801 entertainment equipment, entertainment items
2802 toys
2803 chess, cards and aids
2804 Ball and Equipment
2805 Fitness Equipment
2806 Archery Equipment
2807 gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field, ice, and belongs to the class of other sports equipment
2808 swimming pool and track
2809 sports protective equipment and skates
2810 Christmas tree with decorations
2811 Fishing Tackle
2812 single commodity
Twenty-ninth category:
Meat, fish, poultry and game, meat extracts, preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables, jellies, jams, preserves, eggs, milk and dairy products, edible oils and fats
2901 meat, non-live poultry, game, meat extracts
2902 Non-Living Water Products
2903 Canned food (excluding flexible packaging, including food, manufactured goods classified as raw materials)
2904 preserved, dried fruits and products
2905 salted, dried vegetables
2906 Egg
2907 Milk and dairy products
Edible oils and fats 2908
2909 Salad
2910 consumption of pectin
2911 processed nuts
2912 dried mushrooms
2913 food protein, tofu products
Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, edible starch, sago, coffee substitutes, flour and cereal products, bread, pastry and confectionery, edible ice, honey, syrup, yeast, baking powder, salt, mustard, vinegar , sauces (condiments), spices, ice for drinking
3001 Coffee, coffee substitutes, cocoa
3002 tea and tea substitutes
3003 Sugar
3004 Candy, Southern Sugar
3005 honey, syrup and non-medical nutrition
3006 bread, pastry
3007 convenience food
3008 m, flour (including whole grains)
3009 noodles and rice products
3010 Expanded Food
3011 soybean meal, eating gluten
3012 the consumption of starch and its products
3013 edible ice, ice products
3014 Salt
3015 soy sauce, vinegar
3016 mustard, monosodium glutamate, sauce, sauce and other condiments
3017 Yeast
3018 food flavor, spice
3019 Other
Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes, livestock, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, plants and flowers, animal feed, malt
3101 raw forest products
3102 grains and unprocessed agricultural products (excluding vegetables, seeds)
3103 flowers, horticultural products, vegetation
3104 living organisms
3105 raw fruits and nuts
3106 Fresh vegetables
3107 seeds
3108 animal feed (including non-medical feed additives and fattening agent)
3109 Malt
3110 habitat supplies
Thirty-second class
Beer, mineral water and soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks, fruit drinks and fruit juices, syrups and other preparations for making beverages
3201 Beer
3202 non-alcoholic beverages
3203 syrups and other preparations for making beverages
Thirty-third category:
Alcoholic beverages (except beer)
3301 Alcoholic beverages (except beer)
Thirty-fourth category:
Tobacco, Smoking, matches
3401 Tobacco and Tobacco Products
3402 Smoking
3403 matches
3404 smokers with a lighter
3405 cigarette paper, filter

Thirty-fifth category:
Advertising, business management, business administration, office
3501 Advertising
3502 Business Administration aid industry
3503 for others to sell
3504 auxiliary personnel management industry
3505 place of business relocation services
3506 Office Affairs
3507 Accounting
3508 single service
Thirty-sixth category:
Insurance, finance, monetary affairs, real estate affairs
3601 Insurance
3602 Financial Services
3603 Valuation treasures
3604 Real Estate Affairs
3605 Broker
3606 Guarantee
3607 Charitable donations
3608 entrusted with the management
3609 Pawn
Thirty-seventh category:
Housing construction, repair, installation services
3701 construction, maintenance, information services
3702 Architectural and Engineering Services
3703 Mining Services
3704 building decorated repair services
3705 Heating Equipment Service
3706 machinery, electrical equipment installation and repair
3707 land vehicle maintenance machinery
3708 Aircraft Maintenance
3709 Ship Service
3710 Video Equipment Repair
3711 watch repair
3712 safety device maintenance
3713 Special handling services
3714 tire repair services
3715 furniture repair, maintenance
3716 clothes, leather repair, protection, cleaning services
3717 Pest control services
3718 single service
Thirty-eighth category:
3801 to broadcast radio or television service
3802 Communication Services
Thirty-ninth category:
Transport, packaging and storage of goods, travel arrangement
3901 pre-packaging transport and transport services
3902 Water transportation and related services
3903 Land transportation
3904 Air transportation
3905 Other transportation and related services
3906 Storage of goods
3907 Diving tool rental
3908 for water service
3909 sluice management services
3910 Delivery Services
3911 Travel arrangement
3912 single service
Material Handling
4001 to provide comprehensive processing and information services
4002 metal processing or processing services
4003 textile chemical treatment or processing services
4004 timber processing services
4005 paper processing services
4006 glass processing services
4007 pottery processing services
4008 food and beverage processing services
4009 stuffed processing services
4010 leather, garment processing services
4011 image processing services
4012 sewerage services
4013 Air purification services
4014 Water purification services
4015 single service
Forty categories:
Education, training, entertainment, sports activities
4101 Education
4102 organizations and arrangements in various activities
4103 Library Services
4104 Publishing services
4105 entertainment, sports service
4106 animal trainer
4107 single service
Forty-second class:
Scientific and technological services and related research and design services, industrial analysis and research, computer hardware and software design and development, legal services
4209 to provide research and development services
4210 to provide geological surveys, research and development services
4211 to provide chemistry research services
4212 biology research services to provide
4213 to provide meteorological information services
4214 to provide testing services
4216 Design Services
4217 building design, consulting services
4218 Fashion Design Service
4220 Computer programming and related services
4224 to provide art appraisal services
4227 single service
Forty categories:
Provide food and beverage services, temporary accommodation
4301 to provide catering and accommodation services
4302 to provide housing facilities services
4303 nursing home
4304 Child Care Services
4305 quarters for the animals
4306 single service
Forty-fourth class
Medical services; veterinary services; human or animal health and beauty services; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services
4401 Medical Services
4402 Health, beauty services
4403 to provide services for animals
4404 agricultural, horticultural services
4405 single service
Forty-fifth category:
Legal services rendered by others to meet the individual needs of private and social services, protection of property and personal safety services
4501 Security Services
4502 to provide personnel services
4503 to provide clothing services
4504 Funeral Service
4505 single service
4506 Legal services

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