What are the main characteristics of patents?


What are the main characteristics of patents?

Patent by the patent administration department under the law, according to legal procedures to give the patentee an exclusive right. It is a kind of intangible property, and tangible property, compared with the following main features.

(1) have the exclusive. Also known as the so-called exclusive monopoly or exclusivity. Patent by the government authorities according to the invention or the applicant's application, that the invention results in line with the conditions of patent law, and awarded the applicant or his legal assignee of an exclusive right. It all exclusive rights of patent holders of their rights object (ie invention) possess, use, benefits and rights of action.

(2) has been concentrating on. The timing of the so-called patent, referring to patent a certain time limit, which is the period of protection under the law. National patent laws for the effective patent protection period has its own requirements, and calculate the term of protection of the starting time varies. China's "Patent Law" Article 42 provides: "invention patent term of 20 years, utility model and design patent for a period of 10 years, counted from the date of filing."

(3) has a regional. The so-called regional, that is, the space constraints of the patent. It refers to a country or a region and the protection of patents granted in the country or region only within a framework of other countries and regions do not take legal effect, the patent is not recognized and protected. If the patent in other countries who want to enjoy patent rights, then, must be in accordance with the laws of other countries a patent application. Unless the accession to international treaties and bilateral agreements otherwise provided, any other country or countries do not recognize international patents granted by intellectual property institutions.

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