What is the utility model? Which can apply to utility model inventions patented?


What is the utility model? Which can apply to utility model inventions patented?

"Patent Law" called utility model refers to the product's shape, structure, or combination of the proposed new technology for practical solutions. Utility model and invention of the difference is: First, utility models, only the shape of a certain product, not a method, not the shape of the product is not fixed; second, the creative requirements of the utility model is not too high and practical, strong.


The shape of the product is a product, you can observe from the outside to determine the shape of the space. Shape of the product's technical program can be the product of three-dimensional shape of the space shape of the proposed technical solutions, such as cam shape, the shape tool to make improvements; can also be the product of two-dimensional form of the proposed technical solutions, for example, the shape of the profile cross-section improvements.


Product structure is the product of the various components of the arrangement, organization and interrelationships. Product structure can be mechanical construction, the line can also be constructed. Mechanical construction is a product's relative position of parts, relationships and the necessary mechanical connection with the relationship, line structure is a product's components to determine the connection between the relationship.


Composite layer can be considered the product structure, product carburized layer, oxide layer is composite layer structure.

For more specific issue of protection of utility models, to enter the website.

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