Trademark printing management approach


Trademark printing management approach

State Administration for Industry and Commerce to make
(No. 15)

"Trademark printing management approach" has been the PRC State Administration for Industry and Commerce decided to amend the executive meeting, is hereby promulgated, September 1, 2004 shall come into force.
Secretary Wang Zhongfu
August 19, 2004

In order to strengthen trademark printing management, protection of registered trademark rights, safeguard the socialist market economic order, according to "Trademark Law", "PRC Trademark Law Implementing Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Trademark Law" " Trademark Law Implementing Regulations ") of the relevant provisions of the development of this approach.
Article in print, printing, engraving, lettering, weaving words, the sun eclipse, Indian iron, casting, stamping, stamping, decals, etc. to produce trademarks, it shall comply with these measures.
Article trademark printing unit printing client entrusts a trademark printed mark, it shall produce a copy of business license or a valid business certificate or proof of identity.
Article printed trademark printing appointments as a registered trademark, it shall produce a "Trademark Registration" or by the registered person at the county level Administration for Industry and signature of the "Trademark Registration Certificate" copy, and otherwise provide a copy of the .
Entered into a trademark license contract to use registered trademark of another, the licensee need to print trademarks, should also produce a trademark license contract and provide a copy of the text; trademark licensee who is licensed separately printed mark, in addition to produce the registrants at the county level Industry and Commerce Administration signed the "Trademark Registration Certificate" copy, should also produce a power of attorney and provide a copy.
Article commissioned by printing a registered trademark, trademark printed on documents provided by the client and the reproduction of the mark must meet the following requirements:
(A) The printed trademarks comp should be the "Trademark Registration" on the mark the same pattern;
(B) the licensee printed trademarks, should have a clear power of attorney, or the provision of "trademark license contract" with the licensee to allow the printing of trademarks content;
(C) the licensee of the trademarks comp should indicate the licensee's business name and address; used in accordance with its registered mark "Trademark Law Implementing Regulations," the relevant provisions.
Article commissioned print unregistered trademarks, trademark printed reproduction of the mark provided by the client shall meet the following requirements:
(A) The printed trademarks shall not violate the "Trademark Law" provisions of Article X;
(B) The printed trademarks shall not be marked "R" word, or use the registered mark.
Article trademark trademark printed on the printing unit should be provided by the client documents and logos for verification.
The client does not provide printed mark Article 3, Article IV of the supporting documents required, or the requirements printed trademark does not comply with Article 5, Article VI, the trademark shall not undertake the printing unit printing.
Article trademark printing unit printing line with the provisions of the trademark printing business, trademark printing business managers should fill in the requested "trade mark registration forms printing business," stated the principal trademark printed documents provided by main content, "trademark registration forms printing business" in the pattern should be printed by the mark stamped Jifeng Zhang unit business managers.
Trademark logo printing is completed, mark printing unit should be identified within 15 days to extract samples, together with the "trademark registration forms printing business," "Trademark Registration Certificate" copy, a copy of a trademark licensing contract, trademark printed copy of power of attorney be inventoried and other archives.
Article IX trademark trademark printing unit shall establish a storage system, storage should be registered trademarks of accounting. Waste time identification should focus on the destruction, not into the community.
Article trademarks and trademarks of print files should be archived for future reference storage accounting, distribution records for two years.
Article XI violates the trademark printing units 7 to Article X, the local Administration for Industry and ordered to make corrections, and depending on their circumstances to be a warning, impose a fine of three times the illegal gains, but not exceeding three million, there is no illegal income and may impose a fine of 10,000 yuan.
Article XII of trademark printing enterprises established without trademarks, or engaging in printing business activities, or actions by the local Administration for Industry and Commerce according to "printing industry regulations," the relevant provisions to be addressed.
Violation of Article XIII of trademark printing unit printing business to undertake the provisions of Article VII, and the printing of the trademarks and registered trademarks of others the same or similar to, a "Trademark Law Implementing Regulations," Article 50 (b) above for trademark infringement behavior, or behavior by the local Administration for Industry and Commerce according to "Trademark Law" the relevant provisions to be addressed.
Article XIV mark printing unit offense constitutes a crime, the location or behavior to Industry and Commerce Administration should promptly refer the case to judicial organs for criminal liabilities.
Article XV The term "trademark printing" means printing, making the behavior of trademarks.
The term "trademark" means goods into circulation along facilities with a mark of physical carriers, including registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks.
The term "trademark printed client" refers to the printing requirements of the registered trademark of trademarks, unregistered trademark, a registered trademark is licensed to use as well as meet the "trademark" of the other trademarks used people.
The term "trademark printing unit" means a legally registered trademark in the printing business enterprises and individual businesses.
The term "trademark" includes the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office issued the modification, renewal, transfer and other documents.
Article 16 These Measures Since September 1, 2004 shall come into force. State Administration for Industry September 5, 1996 release of "trademark printing management approach" shall be repealed simultaneously.

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